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Birds feeding on a tatty old bird table – A Video




It’s an old tatty bird table, but what a lot of birds got some benefit from it! 

I don’t have this birdtable any more but it was a good birdtable as the tray was deep and so the bird food did not blow off.  It also gave shelter to birds when they were feeding.

Excuse the background noise – I am not sure what it is. 

How many different birds can you see. I saw 3, but if I watch it again I’m sure I’ll see more


Again I can’t see exactly when I recorded this video, but I’m enjoying myself going back over some of the videos I took.  Three cheers for RIVA Encoder!

Snow in March – but which year (A video)



What will March 2010 be like?

I found this video clip stored on my computer and decided to put it on Bird Table News .  Excuse my voice, but enjoy the birds singing.

The clip was taken one March  – but which year!

Is there any way you can find out when a video was recorded

If you keep watching there is a close up of a rook in a nest.

I’m enjoying looking through my old video clips. 


I aren’t very technical but a friend has told me about a computer programme called RIVA. I have just tried it on the above clip and it has worked!

It encodes my video automatically and lets me put it on You Tube. Isn’t that great!!!!!


An Empty Birds Nest – A Video

I have been taking my Disgo Video Camera with me when I have been on my walks.  I saw this nest swaying high on a branch.  I wondered if it would still be there next year.  I decided to take a short video of it and see if it is used next year.  Yes I know – don’t I have anything better to do!

Isn’t it strange that  birds build this nest  here where  the hedge is not a thick hedge, where the branches sway in the wind and where it is open to the elements. 

A few yards away is a much thicker and more sheltered hedge that seems a better nesting place.

About a foot away is a prickly hawthorn that would have kept any predators away from the nest – BUT this nest was built in a hedge that would not protect them much at all.

Again excuse my voice – but I felt a video of an old nest on it’s own maybe wasn’t a good idea.

My daughter is getting married tomorrow in the Peak District.  I’m setting off in an hour or two  as it is going to be a Wedding Weekend!  I have seen my daughter in her wedding dress and she looks beautiful.  I thought I would put this short video on before we set off and I actually turn the computer off for the weekend. 

I’ve got the bird feeding sorted out.  I don’t suppose it would matter if bird food wasn’t put out for a couple of days but a neighbour offered so thats OK.

Harvest is nearly here


Growing our food

Growing our food

A field of corn
Food has been grown here for over 4,000 years.  Seasons have come and gone over those years.
Wonder when birds first appeared in this corner of East Yorkshire. 
Roman coins have been found in this field.  There is a double ditch trackway nearby .  If anyone can enlighten me to exactly what a double ditch trackway is I would be grateful
Owls fly alongside the hedges, a few swallows dip over the fields, partridges and pheasants skurry in the hedge row, 
The blue sky is dotted with different birds.  Rooks and pigeons take off from the telephone wires together and zip through the skies.
Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

As I walk along the lane it alive with birdsong.  The high hedges are home to many birds.  Small sparrows skim at fence height along the lane. Blackbirds fly along the hedge. 
There are many other birds in the distance that I cannot make out
When you think about it everyone and everything in this world depends on the changing seasons for food – and therefore for survival.
Birds and wild animals are closer to these changing seasons than we are, but perhaps we are just as dependent on this growing cycle as they are

Break not a branch, nor harm a tree – a video


Habitat is important for wildlife.  There are so many birds use this copse. Last night there was  one bird singing sweetly among the crows.

I like to think it was singing – 


The scent and sound was soothing.

Apologies that there is only a fleeting view of this sweet singing bird – at about 38 seconds in the top right of the video.

Thanks for watching this.

As I said habitats for birds are important. They may seem boring to us,but they are life saving for birds and so much other wildlife.

I think it is a chaffinch?  Can someone confirm it is a chaffinch singing?

Corn growing in Yorkshire

I thought I would take weekly photos of the corn growing and how it changes as the weeks go by.

We are lucky to live in a country that can grow our food  like this. 

This countryside is home to a lot of our native  birds.  They scurry in and out of the hedge bottoms, flit in and out of the hedgerows and sit on branches of trees.  This countryside is there home – share it with them for a few weeks and share the changing colour of the corn.

Photo taken early April

EarlyApril 2009

EarlyApril 2009


Corn growing on 20th April

You won’t be able to see much difference, but believe me the corn has grown in just over one week.

In July or August the corn will be ready for harvesting and the combine harvester with spring into action like some sleeping beast that comes out of hibernation once a year.

It’s a skill knowing the exact time to combine the corn.  Does anyone know, or would anyone like to learn


Photographs of birds and their home


Roosting time for birds

Roosting time for birds

This old hedge was planted years ago and every day of everyyear it has been used by many birds.  The hedge gives food, shelter and a nesting site to loads of british birds.  Plant a hedge, or Plant a Shrub. 
I have a small shrub in my garden and it’s amazing the number of birds that use it.  Photos to follow another day.
The night draws in –
Me and the moon

Me and the moon


Then the morning comes and it’s bird feeding time again, as birds seem to queue up for breakfast at their Bird Cafe

Two birds waiting for the Bird Cafe to open

Two birds waiting for the Bird Cafe to open


The next day there was an  early morning breakfast

Mmm, What do I fancy for breakfast today

Mmm, What do I fancy for breakfast today