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White tailed blackbird – April 2009

I haven’t seen a white tailed blackbird in our garden for ages.

Fleetingly, a while ago I saw two white tailed blackbirds in our garden at the same time.

Every other time there has only been one. 

They stood out from the rest and were instantly noticeable.  I miss seeing them among the other blackbirds.

Don’t know what has happened to them.  I suppose I never will know.  Perhaps tomorrow because I have written this they will appear in the garden.

Or maybe the sparrowhawk has got them.

Funnily enough I saw a blackbird with white feathers on its wing a few days ago.  It was hopping about on the grass verge and I could clearly see it was a blackbird.  It had about three really white feathers showing on it’s back.

I was the passenger in a car and we were travelling very slowly so I got a clear view of it as birds ignore cars.  Sadly, I did not have my camera with me.

 So it seems white feathered blackbirds are around to stay.