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White tailed blackbird in Iowa

This past week I have had the fun of watching, what to me looks like a black bird with a long white tail.

I did get a few photo’s of it, I hope to get more tomorrow that are clearer. What a neat bird to see!
I live south of mason city, Iowa. Is there any way for me to post a photo?


I received the above comment, have been in touch and am looking forward to receiving a photo

White tailed blackbird – April 2009

I haven’t seen a white tailed blackbird in our garden for ages.

Fleetingly, a while ago I saw two white tailed blackbirds in our garden at the same time.

Every other time there has only been one. 

They stood out from the rest and were instantly noticeable.  I miss seeing them among the other blackbirds.

Don’t know what has happened to them.  I suppose I never will know.  Perhaps tomorrow because I have written this they will appear in the garden.

Or maybe the sparrowhawk has got them.

Funnily enough I saw a blackbird with white feathers on its wing a few days ago.  It was hopping about on the grass verge and I could clearly see it was a blackbird.  It had about three really white feathers showing on it’s back.

I was the passenger in a car and we were travelling very slowly so I got a clear view of it as birds ignore cars.  Sadly, I did not have my camera with me.

 So it seems white feathered blackbirds are around to stay.

White tailed blackbird – USA

I saw a/the white-tailed blackbird yesterday at my birdfeeder in Burtonsville, MD.  The bird was traveling with a flock of about 50.


I was lucky enough to receive the above comment yesterday from the USA

I haven’t seen my white tailed blackbirds for over a week.  When I see them (I’m sure there are two as one looks a bit shabby and the other one looks in its peak) they always seem to be on their own.

This white tailed USA blackbird has been seen in a flock.  Interesting

So now we have British, France and 2 areas of the USA who have been in touch.

I find it interesting to follow these blackbirds with white feathers, really because they stand out and I can see how long they have been coming to the garden.

Here are some reasons why birds have some white feathers

Let me know if you have seen any blackbirds with white tail feathers.

White tailed blackbird – in France

Luckily I received this comment yesterday about a white tailed blackbird seen in France

hi there , just to let you know today in our garden we also have a black bird with a white tail, we live in france ,we have quite a large family of blackbirds, but today was quite shocked to see one with a white tail, we live deep in the country, is this a new breed of bird , have a good day

Reasons for birds with white feathers

Because, since January 2008,  I’ve been seeing a blackbird with white tail feathers I’ve become interested in them and have found out some  details and of the reasons why this happens.

The name for a bird with white feathers  is ‘albino’.  Partial albino means a bird  has some white feathers on some portions of its body.

Often other birds do not like birds that are different to them and birds will kill a bird like this (this could be why I never see this white tailed blackbird  in among a group of blackbirds)

Here are some reasons why blackbirds  (and other birds ) sometime have white feathers :

  • Lack of a good diet 
  • Injury to the bird can cause this
  • Circulary problems that the bird has had at the time that its feathers were developing.
  • The bird is ageing and old.
  • Some of the feathers do not have  pigments such as melanins.

A bird that is naturally white such as a swan, is not classed as an albino bird

If you have any other information please let me know.


White Tail Feathered Blackbird

Today I spotted the blackbird with white tail feathers.

I haven’t seen it for ages and thought it had died.

It was on its own at a birdtable in the back garden.  Another blackbird came and sent it packing.

Now I think of if, whenever I see this white tailed blackbird it is on its own.

Is the fact that it is ‘different’ to all the other blackbirds making it separate from the other blackbirds.

I only saw it for less than a minute as it was eating from the birdtable, then as I say it was frightened away.

At least I know it is about.  It’s interesting being able to keep track of one bird.

At one point a month or two ago I saw two blackbirds with white tail feathers.  One of the birds was thin, bedraggled and the tail feathers were faint.  I have not seen that one for a while.

White tailed blackbird – a comment

I wrote about a  blackbird that two or three white tail feathers that often comes to my garden.    Sadly this post was deleted when I had problems with this blog.  But I received two comments one was from America (which I have lost).  The second one was from France –  

I live in the West of France and also have a blackbird with 1 white tale feather that comes to feed…  But thanks for the info, my dad has taken to bird … well… ‘observing’ for want of a better word (from the kitchen window) and seemed to think it a necessity to know what it was called (even though we know no other names other than great tits and robins ).

Thanks again, you learn something everyday!