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Break not a branch, nor harm a tree – a video


Habitat is important for wildlife.  There are so many birds use this copse. Last night there was  one bird singing sweetly among the crows.

I like to think it was singing – 


The scent and sound was soothing.

Apologies that there is only a fleeting view of this sweet singing bird – at about 38 seconds in the top right of the video.

Thanks for watching this.

As I said habitats for birds are important. They may seem boring to us,but they are life saving for birds and so much other wildlife.

I think it is a chaffinch?  Can someone confirm it is a chaffinch singing?

Great Tit video

The first bird you see in this video is a sparrow! The Great tits are so hard to video. They skim in and out of the peanut feeder – it is about half way through this short video before you see a good picture of a Great Tit. You have to search for them in among the leaves and the feeder! 

Short Video sent to BBC Springwatch!

I’ve managed to upload this clip to the BBC Programme SpringWatch!! It’s brilliant being able to join in with Spring Watch. 

I know this short video  of mine will be one of millions that SpringWatch receive and I know it is not the best by a long, long way, but it’s my video and as I said, it’s brilliant to be a tiny part of Springwatch.

I’ve seen a rook eating a blackbird so no wonder this blackbird seems a little wary. I love the close up (near the end of this video )of the blackbird’s face showing its yellow eye ring and beak. I’m sure it looks a bit nervous.

An Early Bird – a video

A few weeks ago I had to set off early morning so I had to put the birdfood out in the dark .  For some reason I decided to video it.  I was surprised to see a blackbird come to the food

It must have been watching me put the bird food out.  Thought I would show you it.

You will see I use a few different feeders.  The one at the back is the top of a broken bird table.  It means I don’t have to put bird food on the grass. 

The bird feeder at the front on the grass is a hanging feeder, but it had been so windy that the seed was being blown away so I put it on the grass for a day or two.