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White tailed bird – please identify

White tailed black bird in the USA –  we’d love some help identifying this bird

I’ve been sent some photos of a black bird that has a white tail.  We really want to see what bird it is. Can anyone help

Below are the   photos that were sent from the USA (thanks for sending them Angie)

bird i.d. needed

bird i.d. needed


Black bird with a white tail

Black bird with a white tail

Is this a young bird

Is this a young bird

Angie says – I wasn’t going to send one of them  , because this bird doesn’t stand still and the quality is worse than the others, however, I think that is actually has some white on the left side of it. Interesting bird. I can’t find anything on the internet other than your website on them. thanks so much!


I aren’t an expert on identifying birds, but I wondered if this was a young American Crow or a young American Rook.

I’ve put two links below so you can take a look.  The Crows and Rooks in the photos below are adult birds – so we’ll have to imagine a younger version.

Click here for a link to USA Crow information 

Click here for a link to USA Raven information

We still need help identifying it. I’m going to take a look at some more books.  Hope we get there in the end.

Click here to see why the bird may have  white tail feathers

The investigation has started.   All we need now is Sherlock Holmes!


White tailed blackbird in Williamsonburg

Another white tailed blackbird in the USA.  Isn’t it interesting? 

I have not had an internet connection for a few days and it has got me thinking about how we take the internet for granted and how it does make the world seem smaller

Here is the note I received

i saw a white tailed blackbird at my feeders today. it also had a white area on the back of the neck. i live in williamsburg va

I wonder if this is something new.  I know in England we don’t seem to get many.  That is why when I saw one I was surprised and started to look into it.

I haven’t seen my white tailed blackbird for ages.  It could be the end of my white tailed blackbird story, but hope to hear from others around the world.

I keep looking out for the white tailed blackbird.  He looked healthy last time I saw him.

USA Bird Identified

Horrah!  The bird that Jan has seen in her garden has been identified –

Jann said,   

I got a kick out of your private email in which you suggested the dark-eyed junco as a candidate for the bird I saw on my deck in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. I had been doing lots of research on the web and had just decided the best candidate is the slate-colored junco.

You did a great job of suggesting a junco on the limited information I gave you.

Here is a picture.

The breast of the pictured bird is much lighter than that of the bird I saw. Some internet pictures show slate-colored juncos with darker breasts. The light beak also fits with my bird.

The slate-colored junco is suppose to be very common in my area at this time of year (I did not grow up here so didn’t know this – had never even heard of juncos). They like to visit bird feeders. They are known as snow birds and will soon move north.

Sorry I don’t have a way to get a photo.

Thanks so much for your interest and help


I’m really glad the puzzle has been solved and it’s  been really interesting for me to think of a bird in a USA garden and then think or our garden birds.  Bird watching and feeding seems to be the same in a lot of places.

Blackbird in USA with white tail feathers

In December I was lucky enough to get this comment from the USA about a  black bird that had some white tail feathers.  

We have a blackbird with several white tail feathers visiting our feeder here in NJ today.  Regards Nelson

I emailed Nelson back to make sure NJ stood for New Jersey.  The reply was

NJ does stand for New Jersey. Today’s sighting is ther first time we’ve seen this particular bird with the the white tail feathers.

I think it’s interesting that white feathered blackbirds span the globe.

I’m interested in the blackbird I see so I decided  to have a category for my white tailed blackbird so I can keep tabs on when I see him.

I have not seen either of our blackbirds that have some white tail feathers for a few weeks.

I get about ten blackbirds a day now!  I think it’s because I put cheese out.  They are sometimes like a small flock flitting round.

The thrushes are always in the background as well.