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Swift Tower at the Olympics

Swifts have been in Britain for centuries, but they may soon vanish from England and the UK – which we can’t let happen.

There are no places for swifts on modern buildings.  There used to be nooks and crevices for them to build their nests, but not any longer as modern and renovated buildings  make it impossible for them to nest. 

A group called Swift Conservation are doing all sorts of things to stop this happening.  They are getting involved with the Olympics in London by erecting Swift Nesting Poles in the Olympics biodiversity area..  

What a great idea this is.  We can all help and donate and follow the Swift Conservation Group as they work towards keeping swifts in our skies. 

Here is a reply I received when I contacted them – 

Dear Trish,
Dick Newell passed on your very welcome e-mail to me, as I am involved in the Olympics project, where we hope to have a Swift Tower or Pole erected as part of the site’s biodiversity features.

Best wishes, Yours, Edward

Click the link below to see what efforts they are going to –

Swift Conservation –  http://www.swift-conservation.org/ – Keeping Life in our Skies!

Here is another email I received –

Dear Trisha,

Thanks for getting back to me. I had a useful meeting with the Olympics biodiversity team last week, and will have another soon I think to discuss further ideas for Swift nest places on their site.

Meanwhile I’ll tell them of your kind offer (I’m copying them in to this e-mail) and we’ll see what they say!

All the best, Yours, Edward

Click here to see more info about swifts