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I have been getting reports of swallow decline  in some areas and good swallow numbers in other areas.  So  I am trying to find a way to put all the information together as the reasons could be complicated. I have found out that

The British Trust for Ornithology  have

1, Bird Track page at  http://www.bto.org/birdtrack/

Why not take a look and enter your swallow information there as at the moment I don’t have any means of putting all the information together – except by typing it (which I may do!)

 Here is a link to view the results  – 


 Have been  trying to see if there is a way to record all the swallow information I have received on my website and on my forum.   Wouldn’t it be great if we could.  Have looked at google maps and a site called Abundance Maps,but  the BTO are doing this recording which will help us understand the changes in swallow numbers.

I  spent time looking at  two mapping details  and I have put links below.   I do not think they are the best way to record the information and as I am not truly technical I did not understand them completely.

Breeding birds survey for mapping British birds –  http://www.ornitologia.org/publicacions/24_107_117.pdf

ABUNDANCE MAPS – http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/geotech/bbsmaps3.html


Our swallows will soon be gone.  For the past few years their numbers have declined.  I wish I knew why.  Because swallows cover a wide area of this Planet Earth it could be a variety of reasons.


A group called Swift Conservation are doing all they can to help the Swift population.

Click the link below to read about it