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Sunflower Hearts

Birds nest and breed this time of the year.  It’s a busy time for birds.

Parent birds have to work doubley hard because they have to find enough food –

  • for themselves so they can keep their strength up.
  • to feed their youngsters so their baby fledglings survive and do not die or starvation in the nest.

Some breeds of bird need to eat almost one third of their own body weight every day just to survive – then they have to search for food for their chicks.

In spring and summer (all year round actually) sunflower hearts will be welcomed and eaten by the partent bird (I was going to say ‘gobbled up by the parent birds’)

The parent bird will use use the bird food (such as sunflower hearts) that we put out to feed themselves.

If good quality bird food such a sunflower hearts are on the bird table it means the adult birds have more time and energy to find protein rich insect food for their fledgling youngsters.

And every parent knows what it’s like to have little hungry mouths waiting to be fed.

Sunflower hearts

  • are also known as sunflower seeds
  • don’t leave any mess behind
  • are a real alternative to peanuts
  • are great for a lot of birds
  • are husk free
  • are very high in energy

Lets feed our garden birds. 

Click the link below if you would like to find out more about sunflower hearts or get some delivered to your door


Whatever you do – don’t forget put some food out for our native birds.


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