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Starling or Blackbird

This morning I mistook a starling for a blackbird.

The bird was high in  a hedge and the yellow beak and black feathers seemed to point to it being a blackbird.

It was singing a strange song for a blackbird thoug, so I took a longer look and I saw the flecks of white on its plumage and saw the beak was not really yellow, just a light colour.

Then I realised it was a starling.  Within minutes other starlings had gathered and were surrounding the ground feeder.

I wonder if other people make this mistake – or am I the only one.

Then later on I was turning a corner near the house when a flash of black scurried round the corner towards me, near the ground.  I think we made each other jump.

This time it was a blackbird with a large piece of apple in its beak.  So at least this morning the starlings haven’t had all the bird food.

Have just looked out of the window and the meshed feeder and the open ground tray are empty of all the cheese and apple I put in them.

Just for once I’ll put some more grated cheese and cut up apple.  What else would I use apple and cheese for?!