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Decline in Swallows Returning

Is there a decline in the number of swallows returning to England. 

I think there is.  We have had fewer here this year.

Here are two observations I have received about the decline of swallows –

I live in a town s.e. Gloucestershire, population approx 3500. For the first time for at least 25 years (as long as we have lived here) no swallows have returned to nest in our shed.

I see none overhead in the town. Some martins, only one or two swifts instead of dozens.

I miss them each day, as they always fill me with delight while they are with us.

Why haven’t they come back – have there been bad storms in their winter homelands? Spin-off : we have noticed a lot more flies & midges than usual.



We usually have three or four swallow nests in an outbuilding every year and countless swallows.

So far this year we have have only had fleeting glances of one or two swallows. Date 2ndof June

What is going on? I am not even sure what time of year they usually nest?


  • Are swallow numbers declining all over Britain?
  • Is climate change affecting bird migration?

 To be able to help swallows we need to understand migration – which is difficult.

  • Weather affects the timing of a swallows migration.
  • It is not easy to help the swallows – we cannot put bird food out.


 I have sent this short email to The British Trust for Ornothology  -info@bto.org  Hi, I have a website called birdtablenews.com.  I have been getting comments about the decline in swallow numbers this year.  One person said it was the first time in 25 years that swallows had not nested in his shed.

Here on the farm we have fewer swallows.  Swallows have been coming here for over 60 years (before my time).  They are declining.  Do you know of any reason.


I will let you know what reply I got.  I have also asked other people and will see what replies I get.



Last week on Springwatch there was a discussion about another migrant bird – The cuckoo.  It’s numbers are declining this year.  I wonder if the same thing is happening to the Swallows.

Swift numbers are declining and I have read that this may mean that insect numbers will increase.  I will put  a link in to an article about that tomorrow.


Swallow returning home to Yorkshire


Pleast let me know what you think.



Short Video sent to BBC Springwatch!

I’ve managed to upload this clip to the BBC Programme SpringWatch!! It’s brilliant being able to join in with Spring Watch. 

I know this short video  of mine will be one of millions that SpringWatch receive and I know it is not the best by a long, long way, but it’s my video and as I said, it’s brilliant to be a tiny part of Springwatch.

I’ve seen a rook eating a blackbird so no wonder this blackbird seems a little wary. I love the close up (near the end of this video )of the blackbird’s face showing its yellow eye ring and beak. I’m sure it looks a bit nervous.