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Snow in March – but which year (A video)



What will March 2010 be like?

I found this video clip stored on my computer and decided to put it on Bird Table News .  Excuse my voice, but enjoy the birds singing.

The clip was taken one March  – but which year!

Is there any way you can find out when a video was recorded

If you keep watching there is a close up of a rook in a nest.

I’m enjoying looking through my old video clips. 


I aren’t very technical but a friend has told me about a computer programme called RIVA. I have just tried it on the above clip and it has worked!

It encodes my video automatically and lets me put it on You Tube. Isn’t that great!!!!!


Snow and silence – a short video

There is always birdsong in my garden at this time of day , but see how silent the garden is in the snow. I was told a long time ago that you will never hear birds singing when it is snowing as birds only sing when they are happy. Snow and freezing cold weather can be lethal to our garden birds and they perch in silence waiting for the storm to stop. This why snow and silence go together.

In a few hours the snow covered everything – birds food, food on bird tables, their water and often their shelter. A lot of birds roost in the hedge, but the snow was blowing inside the hedge as well – there was no escape from the snow.

Snow, ice and a country lane

Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I got stuck in the car driving uphill on a narrow, snow and ice covered lane.

I had to reverse all the way down and there were ditches on parts of the road side so I had to be very careful I did not end up in a ditch.

It was dark as well.  There were two of us in cars  who couldn’t drive up the hill.  Help from a 4 wheel driver and a lot of grit spread on the ice  meant we beat the snow.  

To cut a long story short all is well now.

I remember years ago we put a different type of tyre on our car in winter.  The tyres were better for driving in snow – maybe I should do it again.

Early morning in January – a video

In early January it was  so cold and the ground was  frozen hard. No wonder I got a lot of birds at the feeders.

I took this short video of the countryside in winter in the early morning on 10th January.  
 There isn’t much food for birds in the countryside when the countryside is frozen like this.   The nights are freezing cold for them as well.

After I’d finished putting bird food out I was glad to get back inside.

Towards the end of this video a bird flys by – it was heading for the bird feeders.