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Oyster shell Grit

Oyster shell grit is full of calcium and all birds need calcium.

Take the Blue Tit for example.  There is about 0.6 grammes of calcium in a Blue Tits skeleton.

The amazing fact is that a Blue Tit needs about 0.5 grammes of calcium to lay a normal clutch of eggs so oyster shell grit is a useful bird food.

Blue Tit near my garden

A photo I took of a Blue Tit near my garden

We can help all  these  busy garden birds by putting out birdfood with oystershell grit in because it has calcium in it or using oyster shell grit on its own.

The first 30 days of a young birds life are important.  If they survive the first 30 days they have a good chance of surviving.

We can’t do anything about predators or the weather.  What we can do it provide bird food that helps the parent bird and makes the parent bird fit and strong  so she can  rear a healthy clutch of fledglings.


Have a good day!

P.S. Here is some more information about oystershell grit