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Sea Eagle Bird

In Scotland figures show that there have been 28 confirmed cases of illegal pesticides being used and killing birds of prey, 

Also in Scotland 42 poisoned baits which have been set illegally were found.

The RSPB say that the killings remained unacceptably high (the figures were lower than previous figures)

Some  Sea Eagles nests have been examined and the contents of the nest noted  over the past two years.  This was done by Members of the Outer Hebrides Bird Group.  Remains found in nests were

  • fulmars
  • mountain hare
  • puffin
  • short eared owl
  • raven
  • red deer
  • gannets
  • fragments of lambs

 Local farmers have blamed the reintroduction of the Sea Eagle as being the cause of the loss of 200 lambs. 

In February a spokesman from the RSPB said they

‘aim to get to the root of the problem’ …..  as to why farmers have lost 200 lambs   ‘we need to know the causes of that’


I will look and see if I can find out if the  RSPB have got to the root of the problem as to why 200 lambs  have disappeared