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2009 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The 2009 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 24 and 25 January

It’s simple to join in the Big Garden Birdwatch.

It only takes an hour of your time.

 even  if you don’t have a garden you can birdwatch in a park or when you are going for a walk.
Make a note of the highest number of each type of bird you see.  Only record those that you see at any one time.  Only record the birds that land not the birds that are just flying by
There is an online form you can fill after you have finished the Big Birdwatch
Here is a link to the RSPB How To Take Part Website

A lot of bird numbers are declining and this yearly survey that can include you and me is used by the RSPB to get an overview of british birdlife – and we can be part of it.  Great isn’t it?

Have a good day

Sparrowhawk numbers

I think  the RSPB believe that all hawks should be protected.

I don’t believe that.  Sparrowhawks seem to be coming more common and numerous. 

Sparrowhawks have no natural enemies so if they take up residence in an area and raise young each year they will need food.

A gentleman in this area has seen sparrowhawks take song thrushes time after time.  I think the Song Thrush numbers are  under threat.  The sparrowhawk is not

If the sparrowhawk is protected and has no naturel enemies then they will become common – and then maybe will not need protection.

I belong to the RSPB, but I have also joined Songbird Survival.  Songbird Survival is a charity trying to stop the decline in bird numbers.

It believes that one of the reasons for the decline in bird numbers is uncontrolled predation.

So we have two opposing views. Interesting. 

I’ll put more information on about Songbird Survival soon.  Or you can just google Songbird Survival.