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How many birds are there?

This is a fun competition.  Take time and read the following letter.  Hidden inside all the words and sentences are a lot of bird names – how many can you find – and what are they? 

Bird-Watching Holiday

How many hidden birds can you spot?

Dear Ed,

Starting early we took it easily, and at the Bell Inn, Eton, we picked up Jack Dawling and Ernest.  One chatted a lot, so time passed swiftly, but rain on the motorway was a grave nuisance.  After lunch I decided to hand over the wheel and steal and hour’s sleep, before reaching Ullswater at midnight in gale-force winds.

Next morning on to Scotland, where our hotel is in as fine a glen as I have seen, with rushing stream at the bottom of a steep lovers’ lane.  It is all that is now left of an old mill, but it is now renovated, and very smart inside – no other one for miles around!  Eric rows, though awkardly, leaving Anne to doze in the stern.  Excellent food – no good for taking off inches from the waist or keeping wide awake.  Nothing is wanting, except perhaps regular kilts and pipers.

Love from all,



This is just a fun competition, because I don’t know the answer!  I have found a few birds hidden in the words. 

I’m hoping we can put a list together and then I can stop looking!