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Panasonic Digital Cameras

A while ago I was lucky enough to get a Panasonic Digital Camera.  Mine is a Lumix FS3 with 8.1 mexapixels, but this seems to have been superceded by other updated Panasonic  Lumix Digital Cameras

I have had such enjoyment out of my panasonic digital camera. I haven’t put as many photographs on my webpage that I should have, but will start now.

Last week I took three of my own photographs to a shop to be printed off in 12 x 10 size and I’m going to have these three photographs framed and put somewhere in the house! They are only photographs I took of the countryside, but I’m really pleased that the quality of the photograph is good enough for me to do that. My own photos hanging on the walls taken by my panasonic digital camera!

[ad#125x125square]I found my panasonic digital camera really easy to use – with a bit of help from my daughter! But I must say that when I first got a digital camera I went on an Digital Camera Editing Course which really helped me and which I found interesting.

The nearest Panasonic Digital Camera to the one I bought seems to be the Panasonic Lumix DMC FS7 and I have been finding some information out about it.  The Panasonic DMC FS7 has –

  •  A strong all metal body
  • measures 97 x 54.4 x 21.7
  • 10 megapixels (mine is 8.1)
  • 4 x zoom lense
  • a metal tripod bush (space)
  • the memory card / battery space has an easy open/lock  slide switch

This panasonic digital camera  is simple to use and takes really good photographs.

The picture quality on my panasonic digital camera is excellent so I have every reason to believe the  DMC FS7 picture quality will be excellent as well.

I’m really pleased that I got a Panasonic digital camera as a present.  I have been using it all year and it has never failed me.

I like the fact that the battery can be recharged – this is an added bonus for me.

If you are wanting a new camera or are thinking of buying one as a present  take a look at the Panasonic Digital Camera  DMC FS7 – get shooting and have fun.

Harvest is nearly here


Growing our food

Growing our food

A field of corn
Food has been grown here for over 4,000 years.  Seasons have come and gone over those years.
Wonder when birds first appeared in this corner of East Yorkshire. 
Roman coins have been found in this field.  There is a double ditch trackway nearby .  If anyone can enlighten me to exactly what a double ditch trackway is I would be grateful
Owls fly alongside the hedges, a few swallows dip over the fields, partridges and pheasants skurry in the hedge row, 
The blue sky is dotted with different birds.  Rooks and pigeons take off from the telephone wires together and zip through the skies.
Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

Can you think of a caption that suits this photo

As I walk along the lane it alive with birdsong.  The high hedges are home to many birds.  Small sparrows skim at fence height along the lane. Blackbirds fly along the hedge. 
There are many other birds in the distance that I cannot make out
When you think about it everyone and everything in this world depends on the changing seasons for food – and therefore for survival.
Birds and wild animals are closer to these changing seasons than we are, but perhaps we are just as dependent on this growing cycle as they are

Birds at my Feeders

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

A dog dish used as a bird feeder

 A dog dish used as a bird feeder.  Well I can’t always afford to be buying new feeders!  I don’t like to put bird food on the ground.


Name the Birds

Name the Birds

 As you can see birds mingle at the feeders – but I’m not sure what they are all.  Can anyone help.


Kitchen scraps for birds

Kitchen scraps for birds

 Birds like flapjack.  There were one or two birds fighting over this piece of flapjack (oats, treacle, sugar and butter – baked)

Hope you like the photos.  Please let me know if you have any I could put on here. 

I honestly don’t know what every bird is in these photos, and I would like to know.