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Pet Bird Insurance

For peace of mind in times of emergency pet bird insurance could help you give your pet bird the best care. 

Some people may find it hard to imagine but pet birds become loved members of a family.  They great you on a morning – you talk to them and they talk to you.   It can be heart wrenching when they stay in their cage and become ill. 

There seem to be three choices when a bird is ill – use your pet insurance,  pay the vet bills that could be ongoing or have the pet bird put down.

There are companies that do offer pet bird insurance and like any pet birds can become ill. 

VPI  is one pet insurance.  It covers medical treatment and surgeries for accidents and illnesses, for minor treatments and lab fees, x rays and prescriptions.  There are other companies that deal with pet bird insurance

Here are some thying  to think about when looking for pet bird insurance

  • Is pet bird insurance right for you?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • What should you know before you look for pet bird insurance?
  • What does it cover and what doesn’t it cover?


[ad#125x125square]I have been asked to put pet bird insurance on my website and I am pleased to do so. 

I hope it generates a discussion and tips and advice can be exchanged

I remember we looked after a Cockateil once and we had to take it to the vet.  It bit the vet’s finger with his large beak and would not let go!  He (the vet) was very professional and took care not to hurt the bird.  He took the pain until we could get the cockateil off him.