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Bird Nicknames

 I  find myself calling birds by their nicknames.  Usually friends know which bird  I’m talking about. I wonder if you would.

 As I put food out for the birds this morning I found myself wondering if it’s only in Yorkshire that birds have nicknames or if  bird nicknames are used worldwide. 

Maybe bird nicknames are used in countries as far apart as Sweden and India.

Here’s a few Yorkshire nicknames

Golly – an unfledged bird

Stahnil – starling

Jinny oolat – owl

Charley cock – missel thrush

Thrushie – thrush

Blackie – blackbird

Cuddie  – hedge sparrow

Redcap – goldfinch

Spadger  – sparrow

Weetie – chaffinch

Maggie   – magpie

Peewit or teeafit – lapwing


 Dreamfalcon tells us that
In Switzerland :

  • Eurasian Magpie is “Elster” in German and “Ägestere” in Central Switzerland

  • House Sparrow is “Haussperling” (German) and “Spatz” (Swiss-German)

  • Eurasian Jay is “Eichelhäher” (German) and “Heeregäggu” (Swiss-German)

Dreamfalcon says – Greetings from Switzerland!

Does anyone have anymore nicknames they use for birds?