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Nest Box – A video!

Below is a video of a nest box!

It is just a nest box on a tree.  We put two nest boxes up a few months ago and they are both being used, which is great.  They are near the house so we can just see birds flitting in and out.

Just wanted to show you it is worth it putting up a bird box.

It’s amazing that soon there will be a family of young birds in these two nest boxes and they will, hopefully survive and hop about the garden in summer.

So from a boring nest box comes a family of birdlife!

National Nest Box Week

It is National Nest Box Week  from 14th to 21st  February so why not put up a nest box and help our feathered friends  – it also means you’ll be able to  enjoy seeing wild birds nest in your garden.

I’ve been reading about two types of nest box. 

Click on the headings and you’ll find more information about these two bird boxes.


Needs little maintenance and has good insulation properties.  This is the 26mm hole nestbox.


a Schwegler  woodcrets, 2-hole nest box.  The shape of the box make it possible for birds to nest out of the reach of predators.  The woodcrete keeps nesting birds warm as it has good insulation.

Why not click  on the links and decide which nest box is best.