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Migration of Swallows

 At the moment we definitely don’t have many swallows.  Where are they? 

Where have all the swallows gone.   Swallows migration should be ending now and they should be arriving here for the summer.


I wrote the following in my diary in 2007.  It is aboue swallow migration.  Since then I think the swallow numbers round about the stack yard have become less each year!!

This is as relevant today as it was two years ago!! –

I feel as though the family of swallows who come here every year, belong to our family. They have been coming to these buildings for well over 90 years. (Before my time!) It would be criminal and irreverent if, in our generation, swallow numbers dropped dramatically. If swallows stopped coming now it would be irreverent and heartbreaking. Part of nature that has been going on for years should not slowly decreases or stop because of man – but it does. Or could it be because of climate change? Now there is another issue.

I have taken these swallows for granted over the years. They are not a bird I can feed. They feed on insects. Its been nice when they arrive. It heralds the warm weather. Without them flitting about and zooming past our heads and perching on the telephone lines summer would not be the same. When we watch them gather to leave I can see it is some indescribable knowledge that brings them together to travel.

If we all originate from one source I wonder if the ‘migration DNA’ of our past is the core of why we like holidays and have the urge to flit round the world and flit home again.

If there is anyone who reads this web page who lives under the flight path of the swallows please contact me and comment

  A relative told me when she was abroad she saw some wild birds hung in cages in the heat of the day . One especially was going mad and it was terrified. She says, to this day, she still feels guilty for not paying to set it free. Is that what happens to our swallows?  Will anyone know?


 I really hope I see a flock of swifts arriving soon and that their migration has been successful .  It would make my summer

 swallow on the wing

A swallow on the wing


Back to May 2009.  I’m lucky that David sent me some swallow information and he saw his first swallow on 7th April on the Yorkshire Wolds.