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Keep cats indoors?

Cats seem to be loved or hated in equal measure.

But there is no getting round the fact that cats are carnivourous mammals who have a bloodlust.

Should cats be kept inside entirely or in contained cat runs to stop them cutting a swathe through our bird life (as well as other wildlife)?

In Australia some areas already haveĀ  legislation in place to keep cats indoors. Could this happen in Britain?

Worldwide cats may have been involved in the extinction of more bird species than any other cause except habitit loss and are contributing to the danger of other small mammals possibly becoming extinct.

In Britain alone domestic cats now number 8 million and are said to kill millions of birds annually.

A cat’s motivation to hunt is separate from its desire to satisfy hunger so it will hunt at any time. Their taste for blood is never ending.

Most of the creatures they kill are tortured to death. So you could call cats murderers who torment their victims.

Cats are well fed and do not have to forage for food as their owners feed them well. This means they are well fed and alert for each killing spree.

Somewhere safe and secure to sleep is of paramount importance to man and animal alike. Cat owners ensure their cat has a comfortable, safe and secure bed.
The bird population does not have the luxury of a safe haven where they can renew their strength. They have to be on the look out for predators 24/7. They also have to forage every day for food to survive.

I want to enjoy the wildlife in and around my garden. I do not want to see them being killed by cats.

What do you think?