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From Fiona –


I contacted you last year about the little female robin that I have managed to persuade to eat out of my hand.


She has now found a mate who has been regarding me with considerable suspicion while she pops onto my hand for meal worms and suet.


Yesterday he became brave enough to grab a piece of suet from me. I am guessing the dreadful weather conditions may have encouraged him .


I wonder if later in the year I will have the whole family eating from my hand? That would be amazing.


It would  be so special if you have a family of robins eating from your hand.  You must let us know.

Thank you so much for telling us about these two robins.  You are so lucky.  I get robins and lots of other birds, but none of them would come onto my hand, but they do zip round the garden and seem to start singing when they see me

I can’t imagine g having two robins eating out of my hand

This does bring up the fact that you are doing a brilliant job of helping our garden birds survive this winter.  It is a harsh winter at the moment for them – with snow, freezing days and long freezing nights.  If these two robins do nest and have young it is because you have fed them and helped them survive.  I think that is almost as good as winning the lottery!

Cheers Fiona.  I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning when I trudge out into the snow to feed my wild birds