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Covered Ground Bird Feeder – Product Review

Welcome to my product review of a covered ground bird feeder.


Ground feeding birds are often forgotten.  How many times do you see thrushes, blackbirds on a hanging feeders.  The meshed ground feeder is usually a good way to feed thrushes and blackbirds.

Covered  Ground Bird  Feeders  also give small birds like the chaffinch, robin, blue tit protection from predators including cats and sparrowhawks. 

The cage keeps the larger birds and squirrels off the bird food.  


This meshed ground feeder is in two parts.

  • The meshed cover comes as a flat pack.  It is easy to assemble. 
  • The wooden tray with a wire mesh comes complete.
Ground feeder for garden birds

Ground feeder for garden birds

THE WOODEN FRAME WITH A WIRE TRAY  – Measurements:  41cm x 33cm.   12.5 cm high.  It has 8 cm ground clearance.


The secure cage has

  • adjustable mesh sizes
    Allowing the ability to alter the mesh when bird feeding
  • If you want to measure the actual size of the gap in the mesh here is a guide to the sizes of gap needed to keep out pests –
    48mm gap keeps out cats and pigeons
    40mm gap keeps out starlings
    34mm gap keeps out adult grey squirrels
    29mm gap keeps out young grey squirrels.
  • a hinged door
    I have found this useful.  Thrushes and blackbirds couldn’t get through the mesh.  I tied the door open slightly with some string and these birds found their way in.
Meshed ground feeder

Meshed ground feeder

This feeder is BTO and BSA approved

  The birds are  attracted to this feeder  all year round, but in winter I made a special effort  to keep an assortment of food on the tray.

Last winter this feeder was invaluable.  It was always a hive of activity during daylight hours


I bought this feeder in May 2007 and a variety of birds have used it every day.

The first visitor to the meshed ground feeder in May 2007 (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).  

Very first visitor

Very first visitor

I cannot leave the cage door open too much because larger birds were getting in.  

I altered the mesh and also  the door. The cage now allows the smaller birds to feed in safety.

I use this bird feeder all year round.

This feeder is out in all weathers.  In winter, if I can I bring the feeder tray into the back porch on an night.  It keeps the tray clean and dry. 

I have given the wood tray a coat of clear varnish to protect the wood from the rain, sleet and snow it has to put up with

It is easy to clean the wire mesh tray with water.  This is sometimes needed if rain has ‘gunged’ the bird food on the tray, or if it the wire mesh just needs a general cleaning.  The wire mesh allows the rain to fall through.

This is a good bird feeder and a little care means it will last me years.

In my garden I have a problem with larger birds getting all the bird food. 

At the moment if I open the mesh too wide or leave the feeder door open a little then starlings, pigeons, moorhens and even farm hens try and get the food.  This would leave  the smaller garden birds such as the wren, blue tit, sparrow and robin without any food. You may not have this problem.

So at the moment I have to keep the wire mesh small and the door closed to keep out the larger birds.  Unfortunately this means the blackbirds and thrushes cannot get in. 

I like feeding thrushes and blackbird. It’s annoying that because of larger aggressive birds it’s difficult to feed them.  Blackbirds and thrushes come every day. 

I try and get round this problem (which has nothing to do with the bird feeder) by –

  • Leaving the meshed door open for part of the afternoon.  I find the larger birds come early morning
  • Putting grated cheese and other food under a bush nearby
  • Throwing waste water on a patch of ground ( to help them get worms if the ground is hard)

 NOTE: I think the arrival in my garden or rooks, crows, ravens, pigeons is something that is happening all over the country.

This feeder certainly keeps squirrels off the food.  My daughter and her friend watched a grey squirrel trying to get into this feeder.  It found the weak link – the string keeping the door closed.  It could not manage to get in though.  They said it looked funny walking round.  (They never thought to take a photo).


This ground feeder is very useful and versatile.  You can have the mesh and the door open differently to suit the type of bird that is visiting your garden

With a little care the feeder will last a number of years.  I have had mine since 2007 and have used it every day.

The ground feeder attracts a lot of birds and gives them a safe place to feed.

 If you are interested in the ground feeder tray click on this link Soar Mill Seeds.  After you have clicked the link type in Ground Feeder Tray into the Search tab.


Click here for the –



Click here for the – GROUND FEEDER TRAY

The above items are sold by Soar Mill Seeds


 There is a choice of meshed feeders.    



Do you have any comments you want to add?  Please let me know.


Woodpigeons stage a coo

Last year the British Trust for Ornithology did a survey and found out that in many parts of Britain woodpigeons now outnumber the feral variety by two to one.

In 2008 woodpigeons were the fourth most frequent visitor to birdtables.

I’ve seen for myself first hand how woodpigeons can take over a bird table.  The smaller birds don’t stand a change and it is so annoying to see such a big fat bird try and eat all the birdtable food at once.

I live in the countryside and years ago woodpigeons never visited the bird table.  It was a shy bird.  We must be seeing survival in action.  The woodpigeon has learnt where there are easy pickings.

Large birds taking all the food off the bird table is one reason why I nearly stopped putting bird food out.  At one point last year it seemed I was only feeding pigeons, crows, rookd (and a squirrel).

Instead I bought a meshed ground feeder.  I’ve enjoyed waching the smaller birds flit in and out without a care in thew world.

My ground feeder in 2009

My ground feeder in 2008

Not sure if you can still buy that type of meshed ground feeder but HERE IS A MESHED WIRE COVER FOR SALE  – JUST CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

The only problem is that blackbirds and thrushes cannot get in through the small mesh.  I can’t open the meshed feeder door as the pigeons poke their beaks in.

Another way to deter woodpidgeons is to buy bird seed mixes that do not contain many cereal grains.  These types of bird feed are unattractive to woodpigeons.

One way and another the pigeons are living side by side with us in the towns, cities and countryside.

Wonder if anyone else is seeing more woodpigeons in 2009. Let me know if you are.