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Fruit for birds

One way to feed birds is to plant a variety of native  shrubs or even hedges.  This is natural food for birds.

Next time you are at a Garden Centre – think British bird

A bush needs planting once and provides fruit and shelter for garden birds for years.

Some of the birds that enjoy berry bearing bushes are

  • thrushes
  • blackbirds
  • starlings
  • finches
  • tits
  • robins and
  • pigeons
  • You may also attract waxwings, redwings or field fares – winter visitors

British species support more insect life thatn non native and are more attractive to birds.

Planting bushes in the garden also gives cover to birds as well as providing bird food every year.

One bush is –

BLACKBERRY OR BRAMBLE (rubus fruticosus)  . Native.

If you have room for a bramble patch in your garden it will be used by birds allthrough the year.

Some of the birds that eat the fruit are – starlings, bullfinches, great tits and blue tits.

Nesting – Blackbirds, warblers, thrushes, long tailed tits, finches and dunnocks will nest in the safety of its prickly branches.

Roosting – In Autumn and winter finches and sparrows will gather in the brample hedge to roost.

To keep the bramble bush / bramble patch thick and attractive to brids trimthe long branches each year to stop them roosting


I will give more bird friendly plant information next week.