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Hello, have just seen this thread after googling this issue. We have within the last year built an extension to the rear of our bungalow and since mid March we have been having, initially, blue tits, flying at the windows and pecking at them. We were baffled at why they would do this as prior to the extension being built we did not have this problem. After a couple of weeks the blue tits stopped and now we have the larger great tits doing the same at a larger conservatory window. We believe after much brain racking that the birds used to nest in an area where our extension now sits. The blue tits nested close to the window they were attacking and likewise with the great tits. Could anyone clarify if this is a likely reason why the birds are flying at our windows? Len Rendell

 I  replied

Could you keep the curtains closed.  Do you have any window stickers ?

I heard of one bird trying to get at some putty that was in a window. Are
yours plastic window frames.

 A pal gave this reason  Birds attack shiny surfaces
because they see their own reflections.

With windows the bird sees a reflection of the outside – maybe trees, sky and another bird (which is in fact itself) 

Your blue tit maybe has mistaken its own reflection for a competitor for its own  mate or for the area of land where your bluetit lives.  So it thinks it is defending its own territory against an intruder.
It could damage itself,but it is also a waste of energy.   The ‘reflected bird’ will always be behind the glass of course, so your blue tit can’t win

maybe some type of cover partly covering the oustide of the window. 

A  Suggestion has come my way that if you use cling film on the window that stops the reflection,    Once you stop the reflection  then the  the birds automatic behaviour stops

It also seems that some birds attack different windows depending on where
the sun is reflecting on the window.


I know this is a repitition of what has been saidbefore.  Please let me know if you know of other reasons for this strange behaviour