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Hello,  A blue tit hovers at my window and at the back door window landing on the door handle lots of times a day .

There doesnt seem to be any insects about ,I am worried it will tire its self out poor thing . the blind in my window is often closed when it does this so its not reflection any advice



Hi Maureen,  I will read through my other notes, but these links may help if you read through them.  I wonder if the last link may help you most – that the bird does not see the glass but can see insects.  I know you said that you can’t see any insects, but maybe there are some there.




Hope the above helps.  When I first wrote about this, I thought that it would be one lone Blue Tit.  I was wrong and it happens in different places at different times.  It must be something inherent in the Blue Tit that it sees or instincively does.  Strange.

Another reason why blue tits fly into glass windows

Andy has given this plausible explanation

I can tell you that Blue Tits are not “attacking” their reflections or trying to fly to a point they believe to be beyond the glass.

Watch closely and you will notice the window will have spiders, flies and other titbits nestling in corners and crevices (some crossing the glass). The Tits will ‘hover’, like humming birds and dart in to snatch the tasty morsel for the youngsters.

I have a climbing rose to one side of the window and a hanging basket at the other, they use these as launching points and rarely ‘crash’ into the glass.

Occasionally a young bird may get too enthusiastic to grab his/her first snack but soon learns to take the more measured method of snacking.
If you want to help your Tit family picnics, provide a climber or other ‘perching point’ and get the joy of watching their antics from the comfort of your armchair.

We have three families in our boxes this year, with no mishaps.
Happy  watching.


This explanation gives a course of action that we could take to stop it happening.  .  We could put a hanging basket near the window, or put some sort of perch near the window.  This would stop the bird having to fly at the window from a long way off.

So this explanation means the birds just see the insect and not the glass window and fly toward the insect to catch a meal and hit glass.

Hope this helps someone in the future.  I know that people find it distressing when birds continuously fly at windows.  Let me know if it helps you.