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Badgers and TB

How to tackle diseased badgers

Surely, killing tens of thousands of cattle a year because of bTB cannot continue. 

Something has to be done to help the financial and emotional survival of many farmers who produce the food we all eat.

In Wales last year more than 12,000  cattle were slaughtered because of bovine tuberculosis. 

Already this year (2009) between Jan and  the end of April more than 5,000 cattle have been killed as a result of the disease. 

Surely, the increase in infection year after year must not / cannot continue. 

Badger number used to be dealt with humanely.  There was a healthy badger population and no TB.

TB has wiped out large and small herds across Britain.

Some of these cattle were hardy, born on the farm and never housed.

One farmer had for years been champion of  Britains indigenous native breeds.  Then, because of TB,  he had to watch his prime cattle go off to slaughter.

Prime cattle going to slaughter because of catching TB.  Such waste.

Years of care and breeding go into having a herd of cattle.  Knowing this can be wiped out because of something out of your control – well how would you feel if your favourite pet could easily catch TB and have to be put down.

We are not self sufficient in food.  In fact we import nearly half the food we put on out kitchen tables. 

To waste any of our home grown food is, to me, a crying shame. 

  • Badgers have no natural predators. 
  • Badgers are now living on land laying between 1,800 and 2,000 feet – this has never happened before. 

What does a badger deliver for the countryside.

Cattle deliver

  • quality beef,
  • milk and
  • cream ,
  • leather shoes and
  • belts.

Badgers also hoover up the ground   – destroying habitats of ground nesting birds, their eggs and pollen carriers.  I have never seen this fact recorded anywhere, have you?

What do you think?


T r i c h o m o n i a s i s –   

  • Trichomoniasis is a disease that affects birds.
  • It does not pose a health threat to humans or mammals
  • Canker is the name given to the disease when it affects pigeons and doves.
  • It is sometimes called frounce when birds of prey are affected by this disease

The disease may be seen at this time of year as young birds are susceptible.

Trichomoniasis cannot live outside the host bird for more than a few minutes.

  • It is spread through water that has been contaminated with saliva.
  • It could alse be caused from droppings of a bird that already has the illness.
  • Another way the disease can spread is when the young birds are fed by the parent bird during the breeding season.

Cleaning bird tables and bird feeders is very important.  I suppose this is obvious.  I mean we would not eat from a dirty plate or put up with a build up of crumbs nearby in our own lives.  It’s obvious that if we did then health problems would arise.

To help prevent Trichomoniasis in my garden I have just scrubbed both bird tables with boiling water.  I used an old bucket full of boiling hot water, a small scrubbing brush, had an old cloth and was wearing rubber gloves.

If keeping bird items clean helps to keep the bird population healthy then it is worth doing.

I got some fresh air and a walk round my garden as well.

PS Why do illnesses always have such long names.  Why not just cal lit Triosis?

Swifts save us from disease

Swifts save us from illness.

The swift is a predator of flying insects.

A lot of these flying insects carry a lot of tropical diseases.

Mr Edward Mayer has been researching into the swift and thinks that if the swift becomes extinct illnesses such as green nile fever and malaria will spread across the earth and infect europe.

Swift numbers are dropping and Mr Meyer, among others are trying to get people involved  in providing nesting sites for swifts


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