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When we attract birds to our gardens by putting bird food out we often also attract birds of prey such as Sparrowhawks.  I have been writing about this problem and readers have been getting in touch

This photo shows such a good idea put into  practice.  It must be worth a try as it does not harm the sparrowhawk – just frightens it away.  Elaine has had it hanging in her garden  for 6 weeks and it has not deflated. 

It’s not a technical idea is it?  But it is such a simple idea – put something big and frightening in the garden. 

 This is what Elaine said

Hi, sorry not to have got back to you, had the dreaded cough virus.

Well so far, no sightings of the sparrowhawk. I havent actually strung the deterrent up as was instructed, mainly because of trying to find poles and where to attach them at the house end, that extend at least 15 foot in height. So for the time being I have managed to hang it in the apple tree, which is not advised in the summer because of the foliage covering it. Unfortunately it doesnt have a non return type valve like a beach air bed etc. so you need plenty of puff and I had to stick my tongue over the hole each time I drew for breath and then mad panic to get the stopper in!! I have had all sorts of comical remarks from neighbours and the gas engineer thought I was celebrating the chinese new year!!

You can see it here: http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk174/jen26-bucket/HawkDeterrent.jpg

Anyway, its been there for 6 weeks now in all the awful weather we have had and only showing slight signs of deflation, so I am hoping it will do the trick.  


If you are interested in finding out more and perhaps buying one then here is the website Elaine told me about



I’m so pleased there are other people like me who get involved with bird life in their gardens.  I have put all sorts of makeshift contraptions round birdtables and bird feeders in an attempt to stop larger birds get all the bird food.  I sometimes think I must be mad doing all this.  I’ve put canes round bird tables, covered the ground feeder so that it became a sort of igloo for the birds in all the snow – but I am not mad?! 

Is anyone  else ‘not mad’, but still doing their bit in the garden to help out garden birds.  Let me know

 It is all worth it when I see blue tits, dunnocks, sparrows, chaffinches and other garden birds ‘relaxing’ and ‘feeling at home’ inside these makeshift feeders.

  Below are the notes, ideas and problems about sparrowhawks in the garden.


Trisha, Bird Table News