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Crows attacking a blackbird

From Tina
I just saw 2 crows attack a blackbird.  This was in a tree where the crows have a nest.
One crow flew off with the blackbird sqawking.  It has upset me and made me angry with the crows, i think its bad seeing a bird eat a bird


We don’t have any control over this do we?  We just have to accept it happens.

Tina got in touch with me to tell me this because of an article I wrote



Here is a short video you may like to watch


Crows treating blackbirds as friends or food

Some days I see crows and blackbirds together in my garden.  There are also rooks.  There are more rooks than crows.

The crows don’t seem to take any notice of the blackbirds. Neither do the rooks.
The blackbirds don’t seem frightened of the crows.

The blackbirds, rooks and crows land on the grass together.  If something frightens them, they fly off together.
Yet, and this is the strange thing,  I have seen a crow eating a blackbird.

I have also had a lady write to me saying she saw a crow catch a live blackbird to eat.

Does anyone else have crows / rooks / blackbirds together in their garden or in a park nearby, or in a town centre.

Has anyone else seen a crow or rook eating a blackbird?