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Oystershell grit

Birds that have survived the winter  now need energy to bring up their young.

Everywhere birds are nesting! Even rooks ( who are a nuisance in my garden) .  I see them swoop down, pick up a big stick off the ground and fly off again in one smooth movement.

Oystershell grit provides calcium for birds.

Oystershell Grit

The days are getting longer and warmer, but for the birds the breeding season is a stressful time.  It makes a lot of demands on the parent birds.

Putting any sort of bird food out helps but it is a fact that at this time of year calcium provided by oystershell grit is important for birds because –

  • All parent nesting birds need calcium to produce eggs. 

  • New born and young chicks  need calcium for  their  bone development and to give them a good start as fledglings.  

  • Calcium gives parents and chicks a good start to the breeding season. 

We take the fact that birds lay eggs for granted, yet the female bird uses a lot of energy whenshe is forming eggs and laying eggs.  

The number of clutches  of eggs and  number of eggs she lays  depends on what food is available.  With some birds if there is not enough food a nesting season may be lost. 

Garden Bird Supplies sell oystershell grit  .  This is a good source of calcium for fledgling birds.   Garden bird supplies realise bone and feather growth is dependent on calcium which oystershel grit supplies