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Great Tit using a bramble bush

I’ve just found this note I received last year from another birdwatcher and bird feeder.   I’m, glad he got in touch and told me –

Eating at their leisure in a safe place and using their bird brains seems a good thing!

Tried to get some film of the local pair of great tits feeding but they are just don’t stay in one place long enough!

I had noticed that the great tits swooped into the table or peanut feeder, grab a bite and went back to a nearby patch of dead bramble to eat.

Yesterday I got out the binoculars and was surprised to see that they grab a piece of peanut (or maybe the odd sunflower seed) and take it to the brambles.

Then they hold the food between one foot and a thick horizontal bramble branch and peck off pieces at leisure
I had always assumed they just got a small enough piece to eat in one go but this does not appear to be so. I guess they just grab some food and then take it to somewhere they feel safe to eat.  John



This lovely story  just shows how great old hedgerows and bushes are to wildlife.  To some people they maybe don’t look much.  To me countryside hedges and bushes are better than cultivated gardens.   

I often see blackbirds flitting about as though they don’t have a care in the world.  They fly in and out of a hawthorn hedge and perch on the branches inside the hedge.  One time I stood very close to them and they diddn’t notice me.