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An Early Bird – a video

A few weeks ago I had to set off early morning so I had to put the birdfood out in the dark .  For some reason I decided to video it.  I was surprised to see a blackbird come to the food

It must have been watching me put the bird food out.  Thought I would show you it.

You will see I use a few different feeders.  The one at the back is the top of a broken bird table.  It means I don’t have to put bird food on the grass. 

The bird feeder at the front on the grass is a hanging feeder, but it had been so windy that the seed was being blown away so I put it on the grass for a day or two.

Chatting to a blackbird

I was a bit late putting out the bird food this morning.  The grated cheese goes down well with the blackbirds.

I was putting the food out.  Most of the birds flew away, but one blackird kept perched on the fence really close to me.

I looked straight at the blackbird and realised I was missing a good photo opportunity.

“Where’s my camera?”

“Where’s my camera” I asked the blackbird

The blackbird kept looking at me

“Where’s my camera when I need it?

A robin appeare and perched close to the blackbird.  If it had been Christmas it would have been a Christmas Card moment.  The blackbird was sitting still on the fence, but the robin with a lovely red breast was hopping on the fence.

“Serves you right for NOT putting out our bird food early enough.  We are both starving.  No time for photo opportunities now – it’s cheese time.”

So I put out the bird food and left.

The same thing happened to me a few months ago.  But I can’t carry my camera with me every time I put some bird food out.

Sparrowhawk with its talons round a blackbird

A few minutes ago I was just going to walk through the gate when I heard a ‘squealing’, a rush of wings and also branches moving

Then, actually at my feet, landed a sparrowhawk with its talons round a blackbird.   I was so shocked to see the death throes of a blackbird just where I was standing.

I had never been so close to a sparrowhawk.  I was looking down on it and at the blackbird that was caught up in the Sparrowhawk’s  talons.

The blackbird was ‘squealing, struggling’ and trying to get away but there was no chance. 

The sparrowhawk  did not have it’s  it’s wings outstretched and had the blackbird  ‘pinned’ to the ground with it’s talons round the blackbird. 


Sparrowhawk - a bird of prey

Sparrowhawk - a bird of prey

I did not take the photograph of the sparrowhawk 

Blackbird – a garden bird


I moved slightly and  the sparrowhawk suddenly let go of the blackbird.  It flew upwards and into the hedge – it must just have seen me.  

I think up until then the sparrowhawk was oblivious to me.

The blackbird, leaving behind a lot of feathers, ran and hopped into the base of the hedge and disappeared.

I shouted and shook the hedge, trying to frighten the sparrowhawk away. Then I realised I might frighten the blackbird out into the open, making it easy prey for the sparrowhawk.

The hedge was a laurel hedge.  A laurel hedge will not keep out  sparrowhawks because it does not have thorns to keep the sparrowhawk out.  Sparrowhawks cannot take the chance of damaging their feathers on thorns so they never go into bramble bushes etc .

There was nothing I could do.  For a moment I became involved with  nature and wildlife which we don’t seem to have any control over. 

What else goes on in my garden that I’m not aware of.  Who does the garden belong to – me or the birds.

Blackbird in USA with white tail feathers

In December I was lucky enough to get this comment from the USA about a  black bird that had some white tail feathers.  

We have a blackbird with several white tail feathers visiting our feeder here in NJ today.  Regards Nelson

I emailed Nelson back to make sure NJ stood for New Jersey.  The reply was

NJ does stand for New Jersey. Today’s sighting is ther first time we’ve seen this particular bird with the the white tail feathers.

I think it’s interesting that white feathered blackbirds span the globe.

I’m interested in the blackbird I see so I decided  to have a category for my white tailed blackbird so I can keep tabs on when I see him.

I have not seen either of our blackbirds that have some white tail feathers for a few weeks.

I get about ten blackbirds a day now!  I think it’s because I put cheese out.  They are sometimes like a small flock flitting round.

The thrushes are always in the background as well.