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Nyjer Seed and Black Sunflower Seed

Blacksunflower seed and nyjer seed are very similar.  As you can see from the photo below


Black sunflower seeds and nyjer seed

Black sunflower seeds and nyjer seed

But nyjer seed is so much smaller than black sunflower seeds.

I’ve found it hard to feed nyjer seed to birds. 

  • If I put nyjer on  a birdtable it blows away with the slightest breeze.
  • I have put nyjer seed in a very small bird feeder but none of the birds seem to catch on.

Now I sometimes mix sunflower seed and nyjer seed together and pour some melted lard over the mixture.  As the lard hardens it binds the seeds together making them heavy.  I spoon the mix onto the birdtable or ground feeders .  It is not a fatball, just seeds held together with solidified fat.

The mixture works really well, especially on windy days.  It has also got the added benefit that these birds get extra fat in their diet.

When feeding birds we have to forget what we humans like – which is low fat.  Birds need just the opposite to survive.  Birds need high fat content food to survive.  Never use Vegetable Oil always use lard / fat when feeding birds.

I’m trying to feed nyjer seed because it is

  • A real delicacy for many birds
  • Loved by siskins, finches and many other small songbirds
  • Can be mixed with black sunflower and makes a good combination
  • Squirrels and larger birds find nyjer seed unattractive.  For this reason nyjer is attractive to me as I sometimes have a problem with squirrels and larger birds such as rooks.
  • Nyjer is a seed of the sunflower family (it is not a thistle). It is an absolute must for attracting goldfinches into your garden.
  • Other birds such as siskin, greenfinch and sparrow will also like nyjer.
  • High in calories and oil content.

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If you have any questions about feeding birds let me know.