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An Empty Birds Nest – A Video

I have been taking my Disgo Video Camera with me when I have been on my walks.  I saw this nest swaying high on a branch.  I wondered if it would still be there next year.  I decided to take a short video of it and see if it is used next year.  Yes I know – don’t I have anything better to do!

Isn’t it strange that  birds build this nest  here where  the hedge is not a thick hedge, where the branches sway in the wind and where it is open to the elements. 

A few yards away is a much thicker and more sheltered hedge that seems a better nesting place.

About a foot away is a prickly hawthorn that would have kept any predators away from the nest – BUT this nest was built in a hedge that would not protect them much at all.

Again excuse my voice – but I felt a video of an old nest on it’s own maybe wasn’t a good idea.

My daughter is getting married tomorrow in the Peak District.  I’m setting off in an hour or two  as it is going to be a Wedding Weekend!  I have seen my daughter in her wedding dress and she looks beautiful.  I thought I would put this short video on before we set off and I actually turn the computer off for the weekend. 

I’ve got the bird feeding sorted out.  I don’t suppose it would matter if bird food wasn’t put out for a couple of days but a neighbour offered so thats OK.