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Haiths Bird Food and other Wild Bird Products

 If you buy through this link that takes you to Haith’s Shop  you will know you are helping British Birds. 

  This is because  if I make any commission I will  put it towards bird tables, bird boxes, bird food etc for my garden.  There is always something that needs doing in my garden – bird wise. 

 Haith's - Trusted Bird Food Since 1937

 Also, why not click this below link and take a look at an easy to assemble bird table which you can buy direct from Haith’s



This is a photograph I took last year.  Thought you may like to see it.

Blue tits often feed at my feeders

Blue tits often feed at my feeders

I often get blue tits, robins, great tits (plus others)  inside the meshed feeder.  It’s amusing to watch them.  I never seem to get a photo, but it’s good to see the bird food I put out  being frantically eaten by our British Birds!  Bye for now


Bird Tables – where to position them

I have read two bits of different advice on where to position a bird table

One person said to put a birdtable near a hedge. If birds are in a hedge they can  dodge sparrowhawks etc.  Do not put a birdtable out in the open as a bird of prey has a clear view and can strike easily.

The second person said – Put yor bird table out in the open.  The garden birds have a clear all round view if you do that.

Which do you think is right?