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Bird Feeding Tip

Keeping the bird food inside bird feeders dry when it is raining is difficult

Driving rain can seep into the feeding holes in the hanging bird feeders and clogg up the bird seed. 

This makes it difficult for birds to get at the seed just at a time when they need to get energy quickly.

It’s a messy job trying to get the wet bird food from inside the bird feeders and clean the feeder. 

  • I don’t put out all my hanging feeders.
  • I always keep one hanging feeder as a spare.  I keep it dry and clean

This means when I bring in the rain lashed, wet bird feeders I don’t have to try and unclog the wet feed from inside the feeder straigh away.  When the hanging feeders have been cleaned I can leave them to dry naturally.  This really helps me when I’m short of time.

Keeping a spary, dry, clean bird feeder means there will always be bird food when the birds need it most.

This Bird Feeding Tip is just a basic, simple way to make sure our garden birds have a supply of dry, clean food at a time when rain and cold weather can make survival difficult for them.

Birds not feeding at a birdtable

I was talking to a very nice lady who was telling me that she put food out for wild birds – but not one bird came to get the food!

She did say there had been building works going on in the area.  We have tractors and cars comg and go but we get birds, birds and more birds.

This morning I was about 4 feet away from a bird in a hedge.  I moved out of the way to let a car go by and the bird did not flinch or move, it stayed perched on a branch.  So neither me or the car bothered this bird.

I’ve been puzzled by her problem of lack of birds.  I know it could be the building works, but I have thought of three other possible reasons why the birds aren’t coming to her garden bird table.

1.  It can take a few weeks for birds to find a new source of food.

2. At certain times of the year certain birds find enough food in the countryside and don’t need food from the birdtable.  But this would not happen in January.

3.  There could be a bird of prey nearby which is keeping the garden birds away.

This morning I had the mad thought that it would be nice if I could tell some of my birds to go to her garden.  Share the wild birds out a bot.  50% for her and 50% for me! 

I hope she keeps on trying to feed the birds as this is, usually, the time of year they need it most.

I’m only guessing the reasons.  If anyone else has any ideas please let me know.

Have a good day. Trisha