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Barn Owl Tragedy

Hi Trisha

the man from the hawk and owl trust came to check our barn owl box last week. He found a dead owl in the box and 3 eggs. Very sad. I wonder if it is the drought?


My reply

Hi Top Veg, What a sad story.  The owl must have lost strength, given up and gone back to its nest .

What did the Hawk and Owl Trust say?  Did they have any ideas as to what may cause it.

Surely there must be some water somewhere for the owl

I wonder if there are too many owls and not enough food.  As you said earlier if a number of Barn Owl boxes were put up and extra barn owls were attracted to the area there could be too many Barn Owls and not enough food for them.

Round here some of the verges are being cut short – right back to the hedge.  Barn Owls don’t seem to be able to hunt when the hedgerows are like that.  Has that been done in your area?

Otherwise I just don’t know.  I suppose we may never know.


Has anyone any knowledge of this happening in other areas.

We seem to have a decline in swifts and swallows and now this.

I keep visualising the Barn Owl slowly getting weaker and weaker, trying to survive,  and then not having the strength to go on any more. 

By pure chance yesterday I put some birdsong on Bird Table News and said these birds sounded cheerful.

What a difference today.  From cheerful singing to death in a Barn Owl Box.  That must be what happens all the time in nature – good things then bad things. 

Barn Owl Box

We put this barn owl box up in 2007 – it took a few of us to do it.

We are wondering if a barn owl has used it this winter and if one will nest in it.

We see barn owls flying by.  You will hear the sound of rooks and crows as there is a rookery in the trees and they are usually a noisy bunch!