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Birds of Australia

I’ve got a bird photograph and a note from Australia about birds.

I’m really chuffed that Andrew, a family friend who lives on the outskirst of Brisbane has taken the time to tell me about the Australian birds and the area where he lives.

From the other side of the world Andrew has joined me on my blog and will share his interest in birds with us.  He’s got a lot of interesting information about the birds he sees and their habitats.

Here in England we are shivering in winter and birds are struggline to survive the short days and cold nights.  At the same moment in time in Australis birds are breeding.

From the other side of the globe to me in Andrew’s own words –

I have just seen some Double Barred Finches and they had a young one with them that had just left the nest.

Double Barred Finch in Australia

Double Barred Finch in Australia

Andrew goes on to say –

There are over 860 species in Australis and there is a large diversity in

  • Climate
  • Vegetation
  • Temperature

For those reasons there is a great deal of variety of birdlife

Within a very short distance of my house there are –

  • Wetlands
  • Beaches
  • Eucalyptus forest
  • Rainforest

So you can imagine the area is a hot spot for bird lovers.


Thanks Andrew.  All the best. Trisha

There will be some more from Andrew soon and anyone is welcome to contribute to – birds from abroad.