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White tailed blackbird in Williamsonburg

Another white tailed blackbird in the USA.  Isn’t it interesting? 

I have not had an internet connection for a few days and it has got me thinking about how we take the internet for granted and how it does make the world seem smaller

Here is the note I received

i saw a white tailed blackbird at my feeders today. it also had a white area on the back of the neck. i live in williamsburg va

I wonder if this is something new.  I know in England we don’t seem to get many.  That is why when I saw one I was surprised and started to look into it.

I haven’t seen my white tailed blackbird for ages.  It could be the end of my white tailed blackbird story, but hope to hear from others around the world.

I keep looking out for the white tailed blackbird.  He looked healthy last time I saw him.