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Bird Alchemy


Since suns have set
and oceans rolled
mankind has sought,
so we are told,
star-locked secrets
to unfold
that magic which
turns base to gold.


Pale sorcerers,
Magicians wise,
weird wizards
scanning orbs and skies,
are searching for
that precious prize,
but looking through
unseeing eyes.


When sunbeams warm
the sleeping Earth,
and blackbird sings
for all he’s worth
to welcome Spring,
proclaim the birth
Of beauty, hope
and joy and mirth.


When gold adorns
bright shrub and tree,
and buttercups grow
wild and free,
spreading far
as eye can see….
that’s Alchemy enough
for me.


I’d love to know who wrote this poem.  I’ve had it for ages.

Go on – tell me which you think is best NATURE or GOLD! 

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