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Fun Activity for kids

Feeding birds is a fun activity for children.

It is also a good way to get children reading – by using easy to read bird identification books.  This must be a good thing.

Putting food out for a wild bird connects a child to nature.  Taking a child into the natural world by watching and feeding birds is fun and free.

Most children enjoy feeding wild birds.  They love to toss bread to the ducks when they visit a pomd.

We should take advantage of this to have fun and to teach at the same time.

  • See a bird,
  • maybe feed a bird,
  • try and find out the name of the bird,
  •  maybe look at a bird book.
  • Chat to children about where birds live.
  • Show children where birds live – hedge rows, nest boxes

Birds are all around us and the sample act of chatting to a child about a bird flutting by or a bird hopping on the grass could open up  a connection with nature that will last all their lives.

Computers and TV are great, but the great outdoors is great as well.

It needn’t be the countryside.  It can be a park, a walk on the way to school, pigeons in a railway station (there always seem to be pigeons in every railway station I have been to).

If each of us try and get one child interested in birds that would be great!

Birds eat many things from insects to berries to seeds.