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Videos of birds in or near my garden

An Empty Birds Nest – A Video

I have been taking my Disgo Video Camera with me when I have been on my walks.  I saw this nest swaying high on a branch.  I wondered if it would still be there next year.  I decided to take a short video of it and see if it is used next year.  Yes I know – don’t I have anything better to do!

Isn’t it strange that  birds build this nest  here where  the hedge is not a thick hedge, where the branches sway in the wind and where it is open to the elements. 

A few yards away is a much thicker and more sheltered hedge that seems a better nesting place.

About a foot away is a prickly hawthorn that would have kept any predators away from the nest – BUT this nest was built in a hedge that would not protect them much at all.

Again excuse my voice – but I felt a video of an old nest on it’s own maybe wasn’t a good idea.

My daughter is getting married tomorrow in the Peak District.  I’m setting off in an hour or two  as it is going to be a Wedding Weekend!  I have seen my daughter in her wedding dress and she looks beautiful.  I thought I would put this short video on before we set off and I actually turn the computer off for the weekend. 

I’ve got the bird feeding sorted out.  I don’t suppose it would matter if bird food wasn’t put out for a couple of days but a neighbour offered so thats OK.

A Yorkshire Hedge – video 1!

I went for a walk and took my Disgo Video Digital Camcorder – it’s great because the video can be put straight onto the computer.

Trouble is I tried to expalin the good points of a hedge – but kept getting my words wrong.  I may put these  videos on as well.  So excuse my voice on this disgo video, but I hope you pick up the fact that hedges are great for birds (and other wildlife)

Squirrel inside the bird feeder

Did not fasten the door to the bird feeder properly and this pesky squirrel got inside. Brought its friend with it as well.

This video is a little blurred as I had to video through the window – so apologies for the quality of the video.

I didn’t see the second squirrel at first!

Bird Video – A Thrush

Here is a close up video of a Thrush on my birdtable in my Yorkshire Garden.

Luckily you didn’t have to sit through the 17 minutes of the video.  I watched 15 minutes of empty bird table and was rewarded with two minutes of birds actually on the bird table!

The white busbi video that I left perched (and recording) on my birdtable frightened most of the birds away.  I was watching for part of the time from my kitchen window and birds were flying round, nearly landing and then flying up and away. 

Luckily one or two birds hopped onto the bird table – this thrush was one of them!

If I keep a white object on the bird table all the time the garde birds  won’t take  any notice when the small busbi video is recording there.

Is it a Mistle Thrush?

Blackbird video

I’m still getting a lot of blackbirds and thrushes.  It’s nice they seem to  feel at home here.

Blackbirds have been coming to my feeders for years.  I wonder if  each generation of blackbirds brings its fledglings to the bird tables?

Haven’t seen any white feathered blackbirds for a while.

I was stood really close to this blackbird – the video maybe doesn’t show this.  I didn’t realise until it was uploaded that it is a bit blurred – apologies. 

Counting Sheep

I went birdwatching and found sheep instead!

How many sheep?  At the end of this short video there are more than two sheep.

Guess which area of the field the sheep will appear  from?

It’s just a bit of fun but give it a try.

Rook – A Video

Just look at the video below. 

You will see just how large a rook is and you will realise just how much bird food it can eat from a bird table. A  robin, chaffinch or sparrow would only come an inch or two  up the rooks leg

Break not a branch, nor harm a tree – a video


Habitat is important for wildlife.  There are so many birds use this copse. Last night there was  one bird singing sweetly among the crows.

I like to think it was singing – 


The scent and sound was soothing.

Apologies that there is only a fleeting view of this sweet singing bird – at about 38 seconds in the top right of the video.

Thanks for watching this.

As I said habitats for birds are important. They may seem boring to us,but they are life saving for birds and so much other wildlife.

I think it is a chaffinch?  Can someone confirm it is a chaffinch singing?