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This bird feeder will solve a lot of your bird feeding problems.

It keeps the birds sheltered from rain, snow, wind and freezing conditions.  Garden Birds can feed away from the bad weather.

The two side panels are mesh which allows smaller birds to get to the food.

This bird feeder keeps the bird food dry.  YES – A BIRD FEEDER THAT KEEPS BIRD FOOD DRY!

If you are interested and would like more information, details about price and any other information please contact me at


It is made in Yorkshire



From:   The Perfect Gifts for a Bird Lover When thinking of a gift for the passionate bird lover there are a wide variety of options to choose from. These can range from a purely practical type of gift, to something that has an element of fun about it, too.   Helpful Guides A good gift idea for a bird enthusiast who has a particular interest in wildlife and nature, as well as learning more indepth information about birds, is a guide book. Guide books can be useful because as a nature evolves, new creatures will be attracted to new plants and create new habitats that the bird lover can investigate. No one knows everything, so a respected and informative bird guide will also be an ideal present. Another gift idea could be arranging a subscription to a popular bird magazine such as Bird Watch.   Quirky Gifts A Christmas gift with a bird enthusiast in mind should be able to be used throughout the year as although we see different species of birds each season, it should be relevant all year round for all birds.   Suitable Christmas presents could be either a calendar with a bird theme which you could list nature events in, or a yearly planner that they can document any developments in their garden wildlife to see what the birds like and what they don’t.   Bird Feed & Feeders Christmas is the perfect time to buy a bird lover some new bird supplies as they can start using them right through into the new year. Consider buying them some high quality special mix bird feed that is full of proteins for garden birds.   From:   Another birding gift that is essential for every bird lover is a durable bird feeder, The Squirrel Buster is a great example of this; your garden birds can easily access their food whilst animals such as Squirrels and other mammals cannot gain access and steal their food. B ird Spotting WalkFinally, get your bird loving friend out in the outdoors! Research the most popular, or secluded, bird spotting destinations and pack up for the day. You and your loved one can spend the day searching for beautiful species of birds and documenting your day together. are a supplier of garden bird food supplies and hanging bird feeders for wild birds and wildlife. They have a selection of interesting wildlife articles, as well as user submitted photos from around the world. SO WHY NOT VISIT OUR WEBSITE    YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND LOVELY GIFTS AND HELP OUR GARDEN BIRDS

What is the matter with me?

I have been losing weight since January 2013

I wonder if this weakness is travelling up my body. My chest and back have ached and my head has been more disoriented. I’ve not been able to remember simple words when I’ve been talking.
Now for the first time, my arms, hands and fingers feel weak.

When I eat I feel worse. Find that meat and veg are best

I can’t keep on like this

Weak cannot walk

All day long my body is affected.

Have to lay down

On 10 October. I was supposed to take a sample in to Surgical Outpatients, but I never received the letter until after I had been to the appointment and no one at Hull Royal asked me about it. Does this matter

Still losing weight

My mind – will I get it back to what it was? I forget simple words I want to say. I feel disorientated.

My job! I need my job but feel so weak.

Soft pulsating ache in back and chest

Pernicious anaemia
Atrophic gastritis.

Now feel it in shoulders and back as well

For first time this morning I felt it in my arms, hands and fingers. This is bad

Blood tests – what were results

I am too tired and week to exercise much. I ran a few yards the other day and felt worse. The ache / pins and needles in my stomach was worse and my whole body was worse.

One Robin comes very close to me

From Keran –

Since my dad passed away I have noticed one robin who seems to come very close to me.

When I am gardening it will fly to a foot away.

 Other times it follows me down the path as I fill up the feeders. It sits on the washing line and moves in the wind.

The nearest it has come was when it flew by me and moved my fringe! I always make sure there is food and water for the birds.



What a magical story.  I am sure that little bird gives you comfort, and of, course, you two seem to be connected somehow.  There is a poem  I like and part of it is –

from body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the Mind from the fibre of Thought

here is the link to the complete poem




House Martins.
After 40 years a group of house martins showed interest in our house,

They seemed to squabble over the site!

Shortly after nest building began and what seemed to be a week the large nest seemed complete, yet at least 3 birds were flying in and out making the usual screeching noises. Later there would be a within the nest a bird Being fed by others suddenly earlier this week no further activity has been noticed.
Do families share a nest ? why sudden evacuation?

I have not made notes, the new event was apoint of interest to a casual bird watcher.
peter  (14/06/2013)


It seems families must share nests, because you have seen it happen.  I seem to remember a few years ago someone told me a similar story, but not sure which type of bird it was. 

Not many people will have the luck of being able to watch birds and their nests as close as you can.  I suppose this means that not many people will see what you see – so it could happen a lot.  It’s just it happens out of our view in in their own ‘bird world’. 

It is fascinating isn’t it?  We see birds all the time, but really don’t know everything about them.  Thank you for telling us this.  I wonder if we will get other people writing in now.

Where is Bill Oddie when you need him?!

Also, Is there such a thing as a casual bird watcher?


Hi Dunnock lovers!

I’ve had two Dunnock’s nesting since the 11th May in a holly bush about eight foot from the house. The are totally unphased about us sitting near them.

I am confused though. She was really busy feeding over the past fortnight but we never heard any chicks. Then today (2nd June) she has stopped going into the nest and is now flitting about singing and appearing to be trying to attract another mate. There are no fledglings evident and no obvious predators! Does anyone know what may have happened. It is a quiet, urban garden with minimal cats!


I think the chicks must not have survived, but don’t know the reason.

Has any other Dunnock / Bird lover got any suggestions


A Robin’s Trust

Hi Trish

Another update on my robins.


I guessed the robin that eats from my hand was female from it’s head marking. I now know I got this wrong.


Yesterday I witnessed him courtship feeding his mate. He took suet from my hand and flew to her and put it in her beak.


I had to look this behaviour up, as I have not seen it before. The male feeds his mate starting a couple of days before she produces eggs.

He will continue to feed her whilst she remains on the nest. As this only happens for a couple of days away from the nest. I was very lucky. 


The femail robin only ate from my hand on 1 occasion and sadly hasn’t plucked up courage since.


The master of restraint and forward planning when it comes to finding food is the mistle thrush.

This is the UK’s largest thrush and in early autumn birds gather in large flocks to feed together. 

But as soon as holly berries appear, they will split off on their own or into pairs and get defensive. Each bird or pair will find itself a holly tree or bush teeming with berries and will set up a territory. 

The berries on that tree won’t be eaten, but will be guarded with such care that no other birds can take them either. Mistle thrushes are so good at protecting their trees, just in case, that by spring many will still have their full crop of berries untouched, long after any unprotected holly has had its fruit stripped.

So, if you see a holly tree that’s still full of berries at Christmas, you’ll probably find there’s a mistle thrush nearby keeping out a watchful eye for thieves.


It’s not a case of sharing the berries is it?  It’s ‘what’s mine is mine.  Keep away’



A note from Gillian


Hi Tricia, We got a camera bird box a company and frankly we were very disappointed. We did not get any visitors to the box, there was no footage and the box then fell apart within the first year.


We then bought a camera bird boxand we were stunned with the quality. The birds use it every week, managed to see a brood and look forward to next year. May be a good idea to do a review of their boxes. Thanks Trish from Gillian



Gillian,  How wonderful for you.  It must be a lovely thing to see.

Strangely I wrote about the handykam nest box in 2010!!!!.  It’s good to see the company are still making high quality products, but I may do another post about them now I know they are still good products

Click the link to take a look


I have a blue tit that keeps craching into a window.

I’m sure it’s to do with reflection.

I have a demented juvenile blue tit crashing between my bathroom (frosted) window and my neighbour’s identical bathroom window (about 3 yards away) directly opposite like a ping pong ball! Starts at about 0630 every morning (it’s now September) and goes on intermittently throughout the day. Silence (relief) at night.

Been going on now for nearly a fortnight. Tried all your suggestions without any luck. Thinking of fitting cardboard on the outside the window – to block all reflection. Hopefully it should stop him ‘attacking’ himself. We’ll see…


What amazes me is how the blue tits survive.  They must hurt themselves crashing into glass, yet they don’t stop.  I’ve tried to find out more, but cannot.  I wonder – is the blue tit different in some way to all the other wild birds?

As they only fly into glass I suppose the only way is to put something over the glass window and make it so the blue tit cannot see any glass, but that is easier said than done.

I hope it stops soon.  It must be upsetting seeing it happen