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The computer got repaired and then I broke down!

My neck, back and knees are painful.  Sometimes every step I take hurts.  My neck aches and the ache seems to travel down my back.  This is all day long.  It wears me down.

I haven’t felt like sitting at a computer, as it has taken me all my time to feed the birds, feed myself and hubby, clean the house and have a rest and try to get over this problem.

I am getting myselff sorted  though. 

 Wednesday – swimming.  

Thursday – Pilates.  

Friday- Acupuncture

I feel better than I did.

Saturday – a pint of guiness or a glass or two of red wine

I’ve still been feeding all the chirpy birds every day and seeing to their every need.   A  minute ago I was marvelling that they can sing so sweetly  and full of joy yet they don’t know what tomorrow brings.

If anyone would like to write about their bird –

  • knowledge,
  • stories,
  • feelings 
  • advice
  • photographs
  • videos  – 

now would be a good time.  It would help me. Please contact me and let me know.

This could be a communal blog.

I got an email newsletter ready a few weeks ago and then had a disaster with the computer,so am going to try again later this week.

There is such a flurry of activity in the garden.  I’ve had to put some wire netting round a circle of canes .  I put a small circle of canes in the soil and threw bird food inside, but the rooks could get their beaks in so I have put some wire netting round the canes.  I’m getting loads of garden birds in this weird looking bird feeder.  I go to this trouble as i want to let the blackbirds and thrushes in and a lot of caged bird feeders are not big enough for blackbirds and thrushes



Hi folks,  Internet problems sorted –   but   back and neck problems still here!

Have just been outside to put the first batch of bird food onto the tables and feeders.

It’s a hive of activity out there.  Yesterday I saw large crows with large twigs in their beaks to use for making a nest, then a moment later I saw two sparrows pop in and out of one of  a nest  box.

New life is springing up all around!  The hedges are budding, the grass is growing the sun is shining.

Have a good day



One Rooks Nest There is such a lot of activity among the rooks.  I hate them taking all the bird food but I can see them picking up sticks other bits to make their nests with.  They walk among the shelterbelt near our house and then take to the skies.  They fly overhead in flocks and the noise they make on a morning and on an evening when they are coming in to roost is part of the every day noises we hear.

Rooks seem to feed in flocks.  I’ve been watching them on the ground in the grass field in front of the house, .They are searching for invertebrates such as earthworms and leatherjackets.  Once one or two rooks find a good spot in the field they are joined by the rest of the flock.  Which is why, at the moment,  I get so many at my bird feeders and at the ground feeders.  They have spotted a good place to feed and are being joined by the others. 

Have got to get the covers and canes sorted so they cannot reach the food.

Crows on the other hand feed alone.

It’s not just the rooks that are building nests.  When you think about it every other bird in the country is preparing to or is already getting ready to build nests and bring new bird life into the countryside.



We have had to clear away some really large plants that have overtaken the garden pond.

There was more mud in the pond than water!

But in among it all we’ve seen frogs, newts and toads + the fish.

Note:  I’ve been told that if you break the ice on  a  pond in winter it is bad for the fish.  When a pond is frozen the water is warmer at the bottom of the pond where life survives.  If the ice is broken then the freezing weather seeps down and destroys the warmer water – thereby destroying the life that has been surviving there.   Is this so?



This is a story – it is a factual story of different types of birds migrating

“On nights when strong moonlight framed deep shadows over fields and woods, small warblers were seen to migrate towards the moon – as if intent on proving Charles Morton had at least something of a case!  Ideal conditions for migration proved to be clear calm nights when the stars were shining, though without such brilliance that the eyes were dazzled.

The fact that far more small song birds migrate by night than by day has generally been thought to be due to the need to escape maurauding predators.   Recently it has been suggested that the birds may find navigation by night more reliable than day time flying by the sun, though we cannot exclude the possibility that even in daylight they may seek guidance from the stars and moon.”

And so the book goes on with stories which always include bird migration,  Dunkirk is mentioned as are shepherds and stockmen striding across the marshes.  It’s such an interesting book and was published in 1961

I recommend you read it


It’s 6am and have just put some grated cheese out on the ground and on the ground feeder.  I’ve found if I put the cheese and a bit of bird food out early then the only birds that appear are the blackbirds followed by thrushes.

If I put the cheese out later in a morning we get  quite a few pigeons, starlings and crows getting the cheese. 

I find the cheese goes nearly as soon as I put it out.  The blackbirds appear from all over the place.  They usually hop swftly towards the food as soon as I put it in the garden., with the thrushes joining in.

The blackbirds often come quite close to me as they perch on the fence – I think the prospect of a bit of cheese makes them brave.  I can see the brightness of the feathers as we look at each other for a second.

A robin has just hopped onto the empty birdtable.

There isn’t any activity as the nest boxes yet.  There is still a quietness in the garden.

There  is frost about this morning.  The grass is covered with f rost and the water bowl is frozen but I think the sun will soon be out and the frost will disappear. 

Time for breakfast before I fill up the birdtable


Hurrah!  The snow seems to be melting. 

Instead of there being another covering of snow, the snow isslowly melting and small patches of green grass are showing on the lawn. 

The water I put out for the wild birds hasn’t frozen overnight

It isn’t freezing cold any more

The snow is melting off the roof of my car and the snowbound lane isn’t snowbound any more.

This milder weather will be great for all the wild birds and animals and lets hope will make life easier for everyone and everything.



I have just found out that there has been a  war on Earth that has been going on for 300 million years.  Amazing

If you have time to watch the videos below I think you will find them really interesting. 

Don’t  be put off by the title  or by the front of the video – just take a look and find out what this 300 million year war is all about

There are five.  If you don’t have time to watch them all I would suggest you watch the last one.

Let me know what you think?