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I usually spend some time every day bird watching anonymously from my kitchen window as the different varieties of birds gather to eat food I’ve put out for them all. A happy blackie has found a piece of apple I’ve put at the base of a small bush.  Then I get a surprise as a sparrow flies out from the depths of the small bush . A large pigeon arrives,then tries to get inside the mesh of the ground feeder, gives up and flies away. A starling sits nearby then accurately zooms in between the bars of the cage feeder, gets a morsel or two of food in its beak and zooms out again. Three Great Tits arrive. They are so colourful.  Some birds hop from fence to grass, from bush to fence, from fence to feeder. Never still, often noisy. At last, when nearly all the food has gone, a timid thrush has appeared. It managed to get the last small piece of apple/ bread I could not see which. Now the view is bereft of birds for a second, then a blackie reappears. Now two thrushes walk around the caged bird feeder. I have opened the door of this feeder slightly especially for the thrushes but, annoyingly, they are oblivious to this open door. They give up and look for food on the grass.  I slip outside and put a bit more bird food out. A few busy chaffinches flit on and off the bird table.  Now a sparrow has joined them. I  think about how long I’ve been feeding birds and remember, a few years ago a bright coloured woodpecker sat relaxing on the fence for a magical few moment. It was wonderful to see this woodpecker at such close quarters (the fence is only a few feet away from my window). I stood stock still hoping it would stay or hop to the wired peanut feeder, but it flew away. I’ve never seen one again in the garden. It’s left me with a memory I’ll treasure. The area round our house must be healthy and attractive to birds.  They bring so much colour and noise to this small corner of my garden. What a variety of birds we have in this country. Perhaps we take them all for granted. When my credit card bill comes for the bird food I’ve just purchased I’ll remember these moments.




Carol sent me this:

I found a beautiful dove in my garden today, I thought it had a broken wing. I brought in the house and put it in a nice padded box, i gave it water and covered it with a towel like they told me to.

My husband went to the store for dove bird seed by the time he got home my beautiful bird had passed. I will bury it under my rose of sharon tree and say the  prayer for the beautiful little dove .It’s a very sad day for me and my family. But i know my little beautiful dove is in heaven with jesus. Thank You for this web site.


I replied:

I am so pleased that this prayer is still being read and people are moved by it and it has helped you. It does show how close we can feel to these small birds.

It is always sad to see a dead bird. I feel they look so small when the life energy has gone out of them

It’s so lovely that you tried to save

This is the link  to the post PRAYER FOR A BIRD  which was written in 2009

Prayer for a bird

This is the Prayer:  It need not be a prayer for a sparrow of course.  It could used for any bird

Prayer for the Burial of a Bird

This sparrow died today,

O Lord, Your feathered creature small.

We lay him in the friendly earth

And ask Your blessings on us all


Blackbird skimming across the ground


I put bird food out every morning.  Most of it is in ground feeders.  Some of the ground feeders are home made such as fencing wire made into a circular ground feeder.

This morning I saw a black shape simply skimming across the ground inside the bottom of the hedgerow.  For a second I thought it was a black rat.  It was moving like Usain Bolt!

Then is slowed to a stop inside the home made ground feeder and I saw it was a blackbird.  At the moment the blackbirds are always the first to the bird food.  It made its quick pecking movements and flew away into the hedge (yes it flew this time).  Then it hopped back inside the feeder on and off for a while

Another one or two blackbirds were squabbling over some bird food I put under a bush.

I notice a lot of birds hop about on the grass and  seem pretty at home on the lawn and on the ground inside the hedge.  The blackbirds especially seem to ‘run’ about a lot.

I always make sure I have one feeder that’s got holes / spaces big enough for blackbirds to get in.  I also just throw some near a bush and the blackbirds gather round that.

I’ve been getting a big bag of bird food that lasts all winter and feeds nearly every garden bird, but the Garden Centre I go to says the company have stopped doing it.  I will have to find out more


I actually saw a duck on a house roof.  It was on the very top of the roof and it seemed to be sitting comfortably.  It stayed there quite a while. 

I didn’t have a camera.

It looked so odd.  I have seen ducks fly overhead.  I’ve seen ducks swimming on a pond.  I’ve seen ducks waddling across a road, but looking up and seeing a duck sitting comfortably on the very top of a  house did seem strange. 

We get ducks every year come to a nearby pond, but they never seem to hatch any ducklings, which is a pity



Jo has got in touch to tell us –

I was standing watching the bird feeder this morning and noticed that a pair of Dunnocks flitting around the back border.


They were dicing with death, diving in and out of the chicken run and pinching pellet feed. If the girls catch them, feathers will fly!


 They seem to be ignoring the bird feeder intended for the garden birds and the suet and insect pellets on the ground. Very cheeky.   Jo


Hello Jo,   They will surely be healthy, strong Dunnocks with pellet feed inside them!

I can just imagine these fast, small little birds out manouvering the hens! thanks for telling us about this

It’s the sort of thing I do –  bypass the healthy option food and go  for a big bar of chocolate!


This was in reply to DUNNOCK FACT SHEET

Robin Redbreast

I’ve just  been lucky enough to pass 4 feett away from a robin red breast singing his heart out.

He was outlined against a blue sky while perching on a thin bare branch.  His red breast was showing and his face pointing to the heavens

There was just me and Mr Robin in the country lane. 

I can’t share this moment with you because I’d left my camera at home.  I can’t tell you how annoyed I am with myself for leaving the camera at home.  I’d thought it would be another ordinary walk with nothing special going on.  How wrong can you be!

 Have a good day

Jeannie Wren

A few days ago in the early morning sunshine  when sunlight sparkled through the branches of the trees a Jenny Wren appeared in a tree.

It’s tail flicked at every moment it made.  She was maybe foraging for food among the leaves that were still on the trees.  She seemed to look at me and then carried on.  She had something in her beak but could not see what.

I managed to watch her for a few minutes then she flew away.

After Jenny Wren had gone I thought about how much energy was bound up in that small bundle of feathers.

There is no safety net for her life.  She knows she has to find food or starve, but I bet she’s not afriad of a new day.  In a way it’s a courage that we don’t have.

I say bless em all. 

I,m lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to see her.  

A few minutes later the peace was shattered as a squirrel and a pigeon appeared near the bird table at the same time.  This is not a squirrel sanctuary.

Chaffinch chasing a blue tit away

I have just been watching a chaffinch and a blue tit on my birdtable.

It’s interesting to see birds side by side.  I wish I’d had my camera near me.

The chaffinch was bigger than the blue tit.  At first I just thought how much difference in colour there is between birds.

Then I saw the chaffinch hop towards the blue tit and sent it packing off the bird table.

The blue tit flew round to the other side of the bird table so it was now behind the chaffinch.  It managed to get a bit of bird food until the chaffinch saw it and again walked towards it.

The chaffinch and the blue tit were face to face, but the chaffinch was walking towards the blue tit and the blue tit had to walk backwards until it got to the edge of the bird table and it flew away again.  Only to return behind the chaffinch again. 

The chaffinch was certainly in charge and managed to feed on the bird food in peace.

After the chaffinch had flown away the blue tit landed (like an aeroplane coming into an airstrip) and pecked away in peace.

It was very interesting.  I have never seen this happen before and I have had chaffinches and blue tits at my bird feeders for years.  Maybe food was scarce

Better go and put some more bird food out I suppose


I have seen a lot of birds in my garden and think it has become a safe haven to some of the birds that visit.  A lot of garden birds use the feeders every day, other birds just walk through on their way to the farm pond, some gather at the edge of the pond – different species of birds enjoying the water together.

Here’s a list –

  • House Sparrows
  • Tree Sparrows
  • Woodpeckers
  • Tawny Owl – He was ill and resting in a corner of the garden
  • Pigeons
  • Doves
  • Cucko0s
  • Chaffinches 
  • Robins
  • Wrens
  • Dunnocks
  • Thrushes
  • Blackbirds
  • Sparrowhawks
  • Blue Tits
  • Great Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Pheasants
  • Moorhens
  • Ducks -on the  garden pond
  • Rooks – We have a rookery nearby
  • Crows
  • Ravens – very shiny black and confident
  • Jackdaws
  • Finches

Flying over the garden we have

  • Swifts
  • Swallows
  • Barn Owls – They can be seen round and about, but have not yet used the barn owl box we put up a few years ago
  • Wild Geese – they can be heard as well as seen.  Their calls as they fly over on a dark night sometimes fill the night air.

In The Fields Round About

  • Skylarks
  • Barn Owls
  • lapwings
  • Pheasants
  • Partridges
  • Groups of birds seem to settle in the fields sometimes  – cannot see what birds they are

There must be some I have missed and I don’t not know the differences between the types of finches, but I sometimes think there are more birds in this area than there are people!