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If you click the links below to listen to birdsong.  The first one is my recording of lots of birds loud and clear. The second one is soft and gentle.  It makes a change from the TV and radio!

 WS1187836.2.09 lots of birds


I love listening to the sound of birds singing.   I enjoy listening when there are a lot of birds singing together.  The different notes and tones are amazing (well I think they are).

Along with the birdsong there is sometimes the rustle of leaves which adds to the ‘music’.

I was told once that birds only sing when they are happy and that is why they never sing when snow is on the ground. I wonder if that is true.


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How Many Birds are Singing?

How many birds are packed inside this hedge!?

We’ll never know but isn’t their singing joyous!

The birdsong is coming from my Laurel Hedge.  This hedge  is used every day and every night by goodness knows how many birds.  There is always birdsong in the hedge as I pass.


BIRD SONG – advice welcome

I do have recordings of birds singing in my garden.

Sadly, at the moment I can’t get them onto Bird Table News.

If you know anyone who knows how to get audio onto a wordpress  2.7 blog, please let me know.

The reason I can’t get birdsong on is a technical problem.  I am trying different ways to get birdsong onto Bird Table News. 

I hope to solve this problem shortly –  So please – WATCH THIS SPACE