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Magies killing baby sparrows, taking blackbird eggs and chicks. As Louise said – No More Song

I have recently had very similar comments about Magpies.

Each person is supset, as I get upset when I see Magpies in the hedgerows.

I first wrote about Magpies killing other birds in 2009 .  I had a lot of comments. Please click on the link below to see the problem people had  trying to feed garden birds

Read the 3 comments below the link  to see the problems people are still having from Magpies – ,  while trying to feed garden birds and what damage they are doing

Magpies raiding a blackbirds nest


These 3 comments from from, Louise, Heather and Paula prove that nothing has changed.  Our garden birds have enough to put up with – Sparrowhawks, Magpies, Wind, Snow, Lack of food. Something should be done

From Heather

I have a nest of baby sparrows up under the eves of my house, the magpies have spotted the nest and each time the magpies come close the mother and father sparrows go crazy, I come outside and frighten the magpie away, they see me and they leave.. but I know what’s going to happen, it’s the same every year.. they wait until they see me leave and go in for the kill .. I want to shoot the evil things but obviously in the Uk I can’t. Now I’m considering getting a decent catapult and getting rid of the magpies round here that way.. they are evil birds


From  Louise

Today has been horrid, magpie has taken our beautiful blackbirds eggs !or chicks . No more song


From Paula

As much as I dread visits from Sparrowhawks, I dread visits from Magpies far more! Sparrowhawks do at least consume the smaller birds that they kill, but the same cannot be said for Magpies … they seem to destroy eggs and nestlings for no apparent reason. I have found several dead Blackbird nestlings in my garden which have been pulled from their nests and just left to die on the ground. Their little un-feathered bodies were absolutely intact … there had been no attempt made to devour them. All were some distance from the nest sites too, so it couldn’t have been a case of them falling, or being blown, from their nests: and as there are no local cats, I can only assume that Magpies were responsible. (Earlier in the season I found two broken eggs in the garden … I understand that Magpies eat the eggs of other species, but the contents of these eggs were still with the shells ie: the yolk hadn’t been consumed). Seeing a Magpie used to be quite a rare event here in suburbia … but these days we’re absolutely plagued by them!