Birds Trapped in Large Swathes of Plastic Netting in England

Today I received the comment below.  Which is wonderful,  Then a minute or two later I read something unbelievable.  The unbelieable cruelty some people do to birds in this country.

THIS IS THE MAGICAL COMMENT:.a male chaffinch has always followed me around , this morning he flew to the window where I was at.  On the off chance I opened my door and held a handful of sunflower seeds out ,and blow me down he just flew and sat on my hand for ..until I got fed up ! I easily get robins and nuthatches and the tit family to feed of the hand but never ever a chaffinch 

A chaffinch sat on your hand!! This is amazing. it must certainly feel safe and at home in your garden.


I have just been reading how some of Britains housing developers put plastic netting over rows of trees and hedgerows to keep birds off –


If  birds are nesting in hedges or trees in the nesting season, it is an offence to disturb or destroy the nest. This means building work will be stopped. That is the reason plastic netting is put over rows of trees, hedgerows which are near building sites. It is to stop birds nesting. BUT, of course, a lot of birds are in the trees and hedges and so get  trapped inside and die. How many young in nests die as a result of this as well

How different it is here in my garden,( and everyone who reads this as well i should think. ) 3 nest boxes being used near my garden. 4 bird tables and 2 different bags of bird food being used to put on these bird tables. All sorts of garden birds zipping in and out of the hedge and flying on waves of wind.
If I looked out of my window and saw birds trapped inside the hedge by netting i would take if off straight away.
This is the first time I have wondered if humans deserve to be on Planet Earth

Here is a link to the article I read

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