Sparrows killing blackbird chicks

From Carol,

Hi Trisha,
I actually witnessed a sparrow flying into our bay tree where a female  blackbird has been feeding three chicks in her nest.

She was collecting worms for them early this morning and nothing had occurred.  I then saw the mother blackbird and the father walking around the bottom of the nest apparently with nothing to do.

I went out to the garden, and found a blackbird chick dead on the ground under the bay tree and on further investigation the nest was empty.  All this happened in about 15 minutes.

I am looking at the blackbird parents now in the garden looking very dejected.  There are two sparrow nests also in our garden in quite close proximity to the bay tree.

I hope the blackbirds lay another clutch of eggs and have better luck.

All quite upsetting really.


Carol, Thank you for sending me this sad story.
I hope the blackbirds have another clutch of eggs as well.

It’s lovely that so many people are concerned about our garden birds – and Carol is one of them.

There is a possibility it could have been a magpie, but I don’t think so in that short space of time.

I have received other details of sparrows attacking  birds.  If you read through the Catergories DO SPARROWS ATTACK OTHER BIRDS and also BIRD EATING BIRD you will be able to read some strange things.

Carol, thank you for sharing this with us.  It reminds us that we know so little about the life of garden birds.

Please let me know if the blackbirds do have another clutch of eggs (even if you have to send me an emai)


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4 thoughts on “Sparrows killing blackbird chicks

  1. Louise Crisp

    I have just had a very upsetting experience. For the first time in my life, I saw a sparrow kill a pigeon. I didn’t see if it killed it first & really wanted to see if it was still alive but it was being pinned down. I couldn’t work out if it was dead or not. It broke my heart. It wasn’t letting it go. I didn’t know if I could save it but it wasn’t moving so I doubted that I could. It just started to eat it. I went to pick up my little girl. Came back about 20 mins later & it had eaten most of it. This really upset me to see. I really wanted to save the poor thing. I never realised how nasty sparrows were until I read this.

  2. Lisa

    Also ,people, beware of leaving pet food outside as rodents Cane toads , Mynahs & Sparrows tend to florish with a constant food source.
    Indian Mynahs also tend to nest in rooves , thus attracting rodents.

  3. Lisa

    Maybe cat owners (like me) need to keep their cats contained as they tend to kill vulnerable native species , not wily survivors such as Sparrows & Mynahs .
    We have a cat run outside where our cat can exercise, get sun & be protected from getting run over or meeting up with dangerous creatures.

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