6.15 am The blackbirds come first and frantically peck at the bird food.  They must watch me as I put the bird food out because as soon as  I turn to walk away they are there on the bird tables!


I have some bird tables that we’ve made that keep the rooks and crows out.  One of them is an ordinary bird table with a low roof.  It is so funny to see the blackbirds on this bird table.  They have their heads down and ‘crouch’ as they eat their early morning breakfast.


Then the sparrows arrive and, believe it or not, they scare the blackbirds away.  As soon as the sparrows arrive the blackbirds disappear.  They sometimes run across the grass to peck some bird food from the ground and then quickly run away again.


I’ve been told that sparrows are the ‘thugs’ of the bird world.  I wonder if this is so.


There are a variety of birds ‘queuing’ to get to the bird tables.  Bird Cafe.


Blue tits, black birds, sparrows and many more swooping down from the sky and hopping from the hedges onto my birdtables.

When the sparrows have had their fill the blackbirds will be back.

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